The LIT Method Review 2022 – Is This The Ultimate Home Workout Machine?

LIT Method

When we heard that Justin and Taylor Norris were creating the ultimate low impact home workout experience, it was like music to our ears.

After reviewing our fair share of fitness apps and products recently, it’s clear to see most brands fail to truly recognize and appreciate what it’s like to try and follow along to high impact workouts or fitness plans when your joints simply won’t allow for it.

If you find your knees, ankles, shoulder or hips often feel sore after activities like lifting weights, going for a run, or jumping, then you definitely want to take note of the LIT Method.

The LIT Method aims to bring an all-in-one fitness solution to your home, providing low impact exercises that help to burn calories, build muscle, prevent injury and ultimately help you reach your fitness goals using a sustainable approach.

Backed by celebrities and top athletes, the brand has quickly amassed a loyal following. But what is the equipment actually like and is it right for you? That’s what we’re here to discuss.

In this LIT Method review, we delve into everything this equipment and associated classes have to offer, including what we like and things to consider.

In a hurry? LIT Method are currently offering a risk free trial by clicking the link below, so you can try it out for yourself. 👇

What is the LIT Method?

The LIT Method stands for “low impact training” and includes an exercise machine and workout program.

The machine is primarily a water-based rower with various anchors so you can attach resistance bands to it for strength movements (over 500 to be precise!). It also comes with an app that grants you unlimited access to their on-demand workouts and live classes.

The LIT Method’s workouts are predominantly focused on low impact movements, and include strength, cardio, barre, Pilates, stretching and more.

LIT Method Workout Class

The video below provides a glimpse into what a LIT Method workout is like. They’re generally high tempo and energetic… yet focus on low impact movements that help to keep your joints happy.

How Much Does LIT Method Cost?

There are currently 3 options:

The LIT Method Strength Machine – $1650

This is currently $1650 (reduced from $1750) and includes:

  • LIT Strength Machine
  • 20lbs Standard Set of Resistance Bands
  • 2X Handles
  • Tablet Attachment
  • Free Shipping ($250 value)
  • Free 3-Month Membership to LIT On-demand

The Transformation Kit – $1750

This is currently $1750 (reduced from $2250) and includes:

  • LIT Strength Machine
  • 20lbs Standard Set of Resistance Bands
  • 2X Handles
  • Tablet Attachment
  • 2X Ankle Cuffs
  • Strength Bar
  • 30lb Speed Bands
  • Free Shipping ($250 value)
  • Free 3-Month Membership to LIT On-demand

The Performance Kit – $1999

This is currently $1999 (reduced from $2460) and includes:

  • LIT Strength Machine
  • 20lbs Standard Set of Resistance Bands
  • 2X Handles
  • Tablet Attachment
  • 2X Ankle Cuffs
  • Strength Bar
  • 45lb Power Bands Set
  • 30lb Speed Bands
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Machine Mat
  • Free Shipping ($250 value)
  • Free 3-Month Membership to LIT On-demand

What We Like About LIT Method

Low Impact Doesn’t Mean Easy

The LIT Method equipment and workout classes are all inherently low impact.

Low impact workouts are rightfully gaining traction at the moment, with many of us needing workouts that avoid high impact movements that can aggravate existing injuries.

If you experience sore knees or ankles when you run or jump, you may discover that following low impact exercises unlocks a whole new world for you. Instead of trying to push through the pain, adapting your workouts to include lower impact movements will help your body recover and avoid injuries.

But… the misconception many people have is that low impact means easy, which LIT Method demonstrates, is certainly not true. The LIT Method workouts can be as challenging as they come, delivering an intense strength and cardio workout. The only difference is that your joints will thank you afterwards.

The comination of cardio and strength is ideal for most fitness goals, especially weight loss.

Works on Web and Android As Well As Apple

Something we’ve noticed with lots of connected fitness brands and apps is the somewhat surprising imbalance and bias there is to Apple devices. Many products simply offer a superior service for those with Apple devices… which isn’t very inclusive.

Luckily for LIT Method users, the app works great on both Android and Apple, making it more accessible than quite a big chunk of their competitors.

The ability to display the workouts on a TV means you can really bring the gym to your living room too.

Truly All-in-One Solution

Our issue with so many “cardio” machines like rowers, bikes and treadmills, is that that fail to leverage the benefits of resistance training. There’s not one person alive who wouldn’t benefit from doing resistance training exercises, as they are unrivalled in their ability to build muscle, strength and power.

This means you often still need to incorporate resistance workouts into your weekly routine as well as using your cardio equipment.

The LIT Method, on the other hand, is a truly all-in-one solution. Without owning a single other piece of fitness equipment, you could genuinely cover all your bases with their equipment and workouts.

If you like the idea of this “done-for-you” approach that makes following a fitness plan easy, then the LIT Method is the way to go.

Compact Machine

The equipment itself is very compact, which makes it ideal for the home.

It folds up into a very compact shape, perfect for storage.

When in use, it is 7ft x 1.75ft x 1.6ft.

Pilates and Physical Therapy

The LIT Method membership grants you access to hundreds of workout classes and programs. One of our favourite aspects of the workouts is the inclusion of Pilates and Physical Therapy.

These sorts of workouts are worth their weight in gold when it comes to transforming overall fitness. Exercises and movements that both help address existing injuries, but also help to prevent future injuries happening is incredibly valuable and something not enough of us actually include within our weekly workouts.

We think injury prevention is likely going to be one of the biggest fitness trends over the next decade and LIT Method is perfectly aligned to champion and lead this movement.


The “smart” fitness revolution is certainly here, with new apps and equipment promising new and immersive experiences. The only problem is that they often need more requirements, for example, a power source.

Little things like that do impact where you can use the equipment and sometimes change the way you thought you’d use the equipment (no-one wants extension leads running through the house just to follow a workout).

The LIT Method, on the other hand, is cord-free and can therefore be used anywhere.

Try Risk Free

You can currently try the LIT Method risk free here.

This means you can take it for a test drive and if you decide it’s not for you, you can get a full refund.

Things to Consider

No Built-In Screen

The LIT Method strength machine doesn’t come with a built-in screen. Although many reviews consider this a drawback, we actually like this approach to connected fitness, as the addition of a screen often just means a higher price tag and something that could be a limiting factor in the future (due to the hardware requirements).

The Tempo Move is another smart fitness product that has potentially realized the benefits of ditching the screen and focusing on using a user’s phone to deliver interactive home workouts. This means they can focus exclusively on their software, and not worry about hardware compatibility issues down the road… which will catch up with some smart fitness brands for sure.

The reality is, you probably have a smartphone, whereby you can simply attach it to the strength machine to follow along to workouts. If you find the screen on your phone too small, you can connect it to a TV screen and watch the workouts in widescreen HD!

Tracking and Workout Metrics

The standard strength machine and the “transformation kit” don’t include any way to track your workouts. Their “performance kit”, which is there most popular, includes a heart-rate monitor to help track your efforts during a workout, so make sure you opt for that option if tracking is important to you.

This is still quite basic compared to other brands in the space. Aviron or Ergatta, two smart rowing machine brands, will automatically track your workouts to help develop more of a personalized training plan. Similarly, Tempo uses motion sensors to count reps and automatically recognise the weights of your dumbbells. But these brands have quite a different value proposition to LIT Method (and price range), so this is perhaps an unfair comparison.

Realistically, products like Fitbit and the Apple watch specialize in this sort of thing, so you can always just use those sorts of devices during your workout for very personalized metrics.

No Dumbbells or Barbells

The LIT Method doesn’t use dumbbells or barbells in any of its workouts… this is by design (and part of their approach to low impact workouts), but it’s worth noting if you actually want to use that sort of equipment.

Live Classes

Your LIT Method membership is largely an on-demand service (e.g. like Netflix). It gives you unlimited access to their library of workouts and programs.

It does also include live classes… which is great (especially considering the membership price), but currently, the schedule isn’t jam-packed.

Hopefully over time, they’ll be able to offer more live classes to follow along to (like the Pelotons of the world) because the LIT Method live classes are fantastic (you can get a taster on their Instagram and YouTube if you’re intrigued).

Not a Traditional Rowing Workout

Some reviews suggest that people were suprised (or more bluntly, disappointed) that the workouts themselves weren’t like the traditional rowing workouts they were expecting. In LIT Method’s defence, at no point does it even suggest it is a rowing machine or that you’ll be following along to old school rowing classes… instead it focuses on the diversity and versatility that you can achieve through the machine.

For us, this is a better approach… as you get both the option to row (and the associated benefits) as well as all the benefits from the other incorporated movements and exercises.

Nevertheless, the machine obviously first and foremost resembles a waterbased rower, so if you’re really on the hunt for a new rower because you just want to row, then this is something to be aware of.

(As far as the rowing machine goes, waterbased rowers are great for home use as they are quieter and fold up nicely for storage… so LIT Method is still definitely a contender for just its rowing functionality to be fair… even though the main value comes from the hybrid workout classes).


The LIT Method is quite unique in its approach to workouts and equipment, so there aren’t necessarily any direct alternatives that offer the same low impact workouts using resistance bands and a waterbased rower.

However, more broadly, there are a few “smart” rowing machines that worth noting.


Aviron is a great smart rower, that offers a plethora of immersive game-based workouts.

Aviron is great for “gamers” and those who think they’d be motivated by playing games during a workout. If you’ve got kids or other family members looking to get fitter, this really is a great way to stay active.

Our Aviron review delves into all the details you need to know.


Similar to Aviron, Ergatta is another smart rower. Ergatta uses water resistance, so as far as a rower goes, this is similar to what the LIT Method offers.

Ergatta’s main value proposition comes from its unique races. You can participate in live races with fellow users from around the world, creating a really fun and motivating atmosphere.

Our Ergatta rower review highlights all the benefits this rowing machine offers.

CityRow Go

As far as smart rowers go, CityRow Go is perhaps the most similar to LIT Method.

CityRow Go focuses on hybrid workouts, that use the rower, as well as dumbbells and bodyweight exercises. This makes the experience a lot more comparable to LIT Method, as opposed to exclusive rowing-based workouts like Aviron and Ergatta.

CityRow Go’s workouts tend to be a lot more high intensity and perhaps more similar to what you’d see in a HIIT class.

Check out our CityRow Go review to learn more about this rower.

Mighty Health App

Mighty Health is an app geared towards older adults and offers all sorts of low impact workouts and classes.

It is just an app, with no equipment, so it does feel like we’re comparing oranges to apples in relation to LIT Method, however, if you’re looking specifically for low impact exercises, Mighty Health is gaining a lot of very positive reviews, so it’s worth being aware of their services.

The LIT Method Review

Check out the video below for a demo of the LIT Method machine and a review of all the components.

Who is LIT Method Best For?

The LIT Method is best for anyone looking for a low impact workout to follow along to, and who is looking for equipment for home use.

The workouts predominantly focus on rowing, resistance bands and bodyweight movements, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, it’s definitely a brand worth checking out.

The community is also great so if you enjoy connecting with fellow users, you’ll definitely feel apart of something with LIT Method.

If however, you generally prefer lifting heavy weights like barbells or dumbbells… or you want to follow more traditional rowing workouts, then there are other products out there worth exploring.

Bottom Line

With so many home fitness apps and products out there, it doesn’t take long before the majority of them start merging into one… but LIT Method certainly stands out and has managed to stay true to its vision of delivering effective low impact workouts for the home.

It does require a bit of an investment, but the value to be had can unquestionably be transformative for those who have struggled with high impact workouts and associated equipment.

With a 30 day risk free trial, you can try it for yourself by clicking below.

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