5 Best Stretching Straps and Bands (with Loops) for 2022

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Specialised stretch straps are designed to make stretching tight muscles a breeze. They are an affordable piece of flexibility equipment to keep you moving with joy and feeling supple.

Lightweight, portable, and easy to use, these straps are your key to improved flexibility, muscle recovery and better movement. With so many different yoga and stretching straps available, we cut through the noise and reveal the very best ones to help you buy with confidence.

Flexibility Stretch Straps: At a Glance

Best for value – OPTP Stretch Out Strap

Best for added featuresCerbonny Stretch Strap

Best for yogaTumaz Yoga Strap

Best for foot stretches Cerbonny Stretch Strap

Best full body strapOPTP Stretch Out Strap

Flexibility is one of the key pillars of lifelong fitness. Not only can better flexibility help improve athletic performance, it can also help combat aches and pains. Tight hamstrings, for example, can often lead to pain in the lower back and the development of bad posture.

Daily stretches help keep muscles supple and strong, so any tool that enhances stretching can be a vital piece of home fitness equipment. Stretch straps and bands are cheap (compared to other fitness equipment) and don’t take up much space. They easily fit into a bag and can be taken to the gym or when travelling.

Stretch straps come with different features, some designed for more specific purposes, such as yoga. One of the most important features for straps and bands is the durability. You want these straps and bands to last the test of time and be reliable when you need them. The list below highlights some popular straps with unique benefits.

1. OPTP Stretch Out Strap

key features

  • very versatile
  • perform unassisted stretches with greater control
  • 10 loops
  • includes free exercise book
  • made from strong woven nylon

This is a fantastic all-round stretching strap. It comes with a definitive exercise guide, full of a variety of stretches for each body part. The guide follows physiotherapy stretches and allows you to stretch safety and effectively.

OPTP launched in 1993 and is still arguably the market leader today. The loops allow for a deep stretch without the need for a partner.

OPTP has glowing reviews from all sorts of customers, from yoga teachers to physiotherapists.

2. Tumaz Yoga Strap/Stretch Band

key features

  • soft and comfortable
  • D rings to create loops for added customisation
  • comes in a range of colours
  • long length suitable for taller people
  • full refund available

The Tumaz is beauitfully soft and perfect for anyone who wants that extra comfort while using a strap. The Tumaz is popular in the yoga community and well suited for anyone looking for a yoga strap. It is also extremely strong, capable of supporting a ton in weight! This means it is also a good option for those looking for an extra strong strap.

For some, the D rings will be a welcome feature to create loops as you require, however others may prefer straps that already come with loops. If you are following a variety of stretches in one go, you may prefer simply being able to slip between pre-made loops.

3. Cerbonny Stretch Strap

key features

  • tough nylon
  • 12 loops for customisation
  • free door anchor and snap hook
  • comes with a handy carry bag
  • ideal for foot stretching

The Cerbonny Stretch Strap & Foot Stretcher Set is the perfect stretching strap for those who want to focus on foot stretches. The additional door anchor and snap hook make stretching the lower body, particularly the feet, really effective.

The high quality nylon makes it a durable strap that won’t break or fray.

It is suitable for any size and the 12 loops mean it is a highly versatile strap with plenty of scope to customise stretch routines.

4. SANKUU Yoga Multi-Loop Strap

key features

  • tough nylon
  • 12 loops for customisation
  • soft loops for comfort
  • free stretching guide
  • full refund available

The SANKUU Yoga Multi-Loop Strap comes in at a very affordable price for the quality. Tough nylon makes it highly durable and suitable for deep stretching. It also comes with a handy stretch guide, providing illustrated stretches to follow along to.

It is 8ft in length, so will be suitable for any height.

5. Trideer Lettered Stretching Strap

key features

  • lettered system to monitor progress
  • 12 loops for customisation
  • soft loops for comfort
  • comfortable hand grip
  • recommended by Physical Therapists

The Trideer Lettered Stretching Strap comes with an innovative letter system. This provides a simple and effective way to monitor your progress. This can make a really big difference and provide tangible goals to aim for with your stretching. This also helps set benchmarks and targets if you are following a routine set out by a physiotherapist.

The strap is also highly durable and comes with 12 loops.

Stretching Straps with Loops

Stretching straps with loops are highly desirable due to the ease at which you can customise and adapt your stretching routine. Straps with lots of loops mean you can tailor your stretching to your body and maintain a high level of stretch for the whole body.

Multi-loop straps have now become the norm with most brands opting to include this feature.

Non-Elastic, Fabric Stretch Bands

Resistance bands are a common piece of home fitness equipment. They look similar to stretching straps but aren’t suitable for stretching. This is due to resistance bands being elastic and stretchy. Although this is ideal for resistance training and allows for movement during exercises, it means there is too much give during any attempts at stretching. The best stretching bands are firm and hold their shape to allow you to really push against it to stretch out your muscles (and avoid bouncing).

This means you want a non-stretchy option, usually made from fabric (such as cotton or nylon) instead of rubber/tubing.

Thick Stretching Straps

For those looking to stretch out the feet and legs in particular, a thicker strap may be more suited. This will allow you to gain a better footing and prevent the strap sliding up and off your foot.

Long Straps

Talker people may want to check the length of the straps and ensure it is long enough to use efficiently. You want to be able to use a stretching strap without straining or forcing your body so having a strap that is long enough is highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a yoga strap?

Stretching straps can often be referred to as yoga straps. This is due to their popularity within yoga. It simply describes a strap or band used to assist with stretching.

Do stretching straps work?

Absolutely! Stretching straps are an effective way to enhance stretching exercises.

What is a door stretching strap?

A door stretching strap referrs to straps that attach to a doorframe. This is often used for advanced flexibility stretches, used by gymnasts.

How do you use a stretching strap?

Each stretch strap will come with instructions on how to use them. The muscles you are stretching will dictate how you use the strap. To stretch the hamstrings, you would place one foot in the straps, lay on your back and raise that leg in the air, using the straps to pull it forwards.

What are the best stretch strap exercises?

Stretch straps can provide a full body stretch routine but most commonly straps are used for the hamstrings, calves, and feet. Many of the products listed in this review come with free exercise PDFs or videos.

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