Knees Over Toes Equipment Kit List 2023 (Inc. Discount Codes)

Knees Over Toes Equipment Kit List

If you’re following the ATG Knees Over Toes Program (which we highly recommend by the way), then you may want to consider investing in some specific equipment that will help during your workout.

This equipment will allow you to add resistance to your training and make it easier to progressively overload the muscles during these sorts exercises (which helps to stimulate muscle growth).

We’ve tried a variety of brands selling KOT equipment and we’ve listed out our top picks below within each category to help you save time finding the best products out there. We’ve also included any discount codes we could get too.

Our Top Picks – Knees over Toes Equipment Kit List

Why Trust Us? Review Process Explained

We believe in editorial integrity and providing genuine value to our readers. This review leverages over 8 years of testing and reviewing fitness equipment and products, as well as following the ATG Knees Over Toes program. We also update this guide every few months to include new products or brands we think are worth highlighting.

Tib Bar

HGG Tib Bar

The original brand that created the Tib Bar, ships worldwide, excellent customer service and outstanding reviews online. 👇

Strengthening the tibialis anterior is a vital component of the Knees Over Toes program. We’ve written a dedicated Tib Bar review, as well as a roundup of the very best Tib Bars available.

Compared to bodyweight tib raises, you’ll instantly notice the difference when you start to add load to this movement. Tib Bars are easy to use, lightweight and you can start tracking your progress by measuring the weight/reps you are doing.

If you don’t have access to a Tib Bar, you can use a resistance band or stick with bodyweight tib raises… but for the price, we feel this equipment really makes strengthening the tibialis anterior much easier.

You will need to buy barbell plates separately whatever Tib Bar you buy.

Our Top Pick – HGG Performance Tib Bar

Our top pick is the HGG Performance Tib Bar. This is the original Tib Bar and the quality in manufacturing is head and shoulders above the others we tried.

The customer support is fantastic and the company also have a wide selection of other great equipment for the ATG Knees Over Toes System, including bundles that save money.

As we mention further down this guide, if you need a sled too, their “bulletproof bundle” is worth considering.

Slant Board

StrongTek Slant Board

Popular slant board on Amazon, affordable, trusted brand, adjustable height. 👇

We’ve been huge fans of decline slant boards for some time now and have regularly used them long before we heard of KOT.

We actually first discovered their benefits following along to a p.volve workout.

Slant boards help better target specific muscle groups during exercises like squats. For example, cyclist squats involve using a slant board to help focus more on the quads (particularly the VMO of the quads… a muscle that often doesn’t get activated enough during workouts).

They are also great for stretching out the calves (which will need stretching if you’re doing a lot of lower body training).

Our guide on the benefits of slant boards highlights why everyone should consider using this equipment during their workouts.

(You could opt for individual heel wedges, allowing you to adjust the distance between your legs more… however, we find this a little bit more hassle than it’s worth and think a traditional slant board works just fine).

Alternatively, you could use barbell plates to create a decline, but your foot will likely sink a bit, which is why slant boards are generally preferred).

Our Top Pick – StrongTek Wooden Slant Board

As far as slant boards go, we think the wooden or dense foam ones are your best bet. The plastic ones feel a bit cheap and we’re not confident they would support a heavy compound lift. Some have a maximum weight limit of 300 lbs, which doesn’t allow for big lifts once you’ve added your own bodyweight into consideration).

StrongTek is an established brand when it comes to slant boards and this board comes with an anti-slip surface and a maximum weight capacity of 450 lbs, making it suitable for most users. You can also adjust the height from 15 degrees to 35 degrees, giving you more options during your workouts.

It also comes in much cheaper than brands that specifically sell “KOT training” gear. Ultimately, you just need a decline on a reliable surface, and StrongTek offer that.

(Also, StrongTek sell great balance pads too, sometimes in a bundle with these slant boards, so that might be something to consider too).


HGG Sled

Quality built sled, compact size makes it better for home workouts, push and pull, easy to stack bumper plates onto. 👇

Sleds are another fundamental piece of fitness gear for Knees Over Toes workouts.

They are also popular in CrossFit workouts and other functional fitness classes.

They deliver a powerful burst of cardio, whilst also building muscle… ideal for those who want to see results quickly.

They allow for 4 movement paths; push, pull, row and tow.

Sleds vary in price pretty dramatically and this is likely going to be your biggest expense if you’re looking to build out your own home gym for Knees Over Toes training.

The really premium sleds often have wheels and allow you to adjust the resistance with a flick of a switch. If your gym has one, that’s great news, but buying one is likely going to be a bit out of reach for most.

As a result, we’d recommend opting for a more classic push pull sled design, where you add barbell plates to increase the resistance (you could also have a training partner sit on the sled too).

Our Top Pick – HGG Performance BP Sled 2.0

We’ve been really impressed with all of HGG Performance’s products, and their sled is no different.

It’s a quality sled, built from laser cut steel… yet designed to be lightweight and easily portable. This makes it possible to take the sled to an outdoor space to use as well (which is a big benefit when it comes to push/pull sled workouts).

Compared to other sleds, the overall size is also conveniently smaller, which makes it better suited to home workouts.

You can find sleds on Amazon for cheaper, but the reviews are hit and miss… with people frequently saying the sled couldn’t handle heavier loads without breaking, so if you are intending to put quite a bit of weight on the sled, opting for a reliable one is worth the extra cost.

Coach’s Tip – Even if you’ve never used a sled before, you may be surprised how much weight you can push, which is why we’d recommend getting a quality built sled).

Nordic Strap/Bench

Slant Board Guys Nordic Strap

Affordable, available on Amazon and on their website, attach to a workout bench with ease. 👇

A Nordic strap or bench will allow you to do Nordic curls safely and conveniently.

Nordic curls are a great exercise and they’re not unique to Knees Over Training by any means. Athletes will often use them within their training to help improve hamstring control and strength.

If you have a training partner, they can simply hold your feet in place… and this really isn’t a compromise, it’s just as effective. The problem is, most people don’t actually have a training partner they exercise with consistently.

In which case, a Nordic strap or bench achieves the same outcome.

If you already have a bench, we think a Nordic strap is probably your best bet. If however, you like the idea of having a dedicated piece of equipment for Nordic curls, a Nordic bench is worth considering.

Our Top Pick – The Slant Board Guy Nordic Strap

Most of the Nordic straps we tested were largely the same. There wasn’t much difference between the price and quality from a variety of stores.

The Slant Board Guy’s Nordic Strap is a solid choice, from a quality brand.

A Nordic Bench is probably more comfortable to use, but they take up more space and are more expensive, so if you already have a bench or will buy one anyway, a Nordic strap is more than enough to allow you to do eccentric Nordic curls.

Hip Flexor Resistance Equipment

Isotib Bar

Extremely versatile product, use for tib raises and hip flexor movements due to secure fit, more comfortable than other hip flexor products, adjust to size of your feet. 👇

Strengthening the hip flexors plays a vital role in improving your overall mobility. We’ve highlighted this in other articles, such as the benefits of doing psoas marches.

There are lots of ways you can strengthen the hip flexors, with various equipment designed to help you add load to these sorts of exercises.

For ATG Knees Over Toes, you’ll find a selection of equipment is focused on this. Some equipment requires access to other equipment, like hex dumbbells or a cable pulley machine.

Our Top Pick – HGG Performance Isotib Bar

Although the Isotib is a primarily a single leg Tib Bar… due to the secure locking mechanism, it is actually a great alternative for products like MonkeyFeet. The benefit is that you could just buy the Isotib and that would cover you for tibialis anterior strengthening, as well as hip flexor strengthening too.

Alternatively, MonkeyFeet is another good choice, giving you the ability to add resistance to these sorts of movements. Some users do complain about the fitting though.

“Reverse squat straps” are also used for a similar outcome… but these attach to a cable machine, so are only really suitable if you have access to a gym.


Flybird Dumbbells

Most popular adjustable dumbbells on Amazon, incredible online reviews, much cheaper than similar dumbbells. 👇

If you’re doing any sort of strength training at home, getting some dumbbells is definitely worthwhile.

Dumbbells allow you to add resistance in a simple and safe way.

For Knees Over Training, you’ll find holding a pair of dumbbells for the KOT split squat is an effective way to add progression to the movement.

Having access to dumbbells also means you don’t just have to follow KOT exercises, and you could include more traditional strength exercises, such as a dumbbell chest press if you wanted.

As far as dumbbells go, there is a wide selection and every fitness store will sell them. Ultimately, it’s a choice between adjustable ones or buying a set.

Our Top Pick – Flybird Adjustable Dumbbells

Flybird adjustable dumbbells come in very cheap for adjustable dumbbells and have glowing reviews online. They are easy to use and offer a simple solution to changing the weight you are lifting.

You might also want to consider getting an adjustable bench too… allowing you to perform all sorts of exercises on it with your dumbbells.

Squat Rack/Barbell/Plates

Titan Power Rack

Quality power rack from a trusted fitness brand, built to last, ideal for heavy lifts, includes a pull-up bar too. 👇

A squat rack (with a barbell and plates) will allow you to do any Olympic lift and compound exercises. These are going to be really effective at building strength. Our guide on squat variations for quads, also illustrates how to leverage stance and foot positioning to help adapt the focus whilst using this sort of equipment.

You can use the squat rack and barbell with equipment like a slant board, to allow you progressively overload your muscles during training.

If you have access to a gym, you can use the set-up they have… if not, you want to find a balance between quality and staying within your budget.

Squat racks can get very expensive, but you’ll likely only really notice the difference if you were lifting incredibly heavy weights.

Our Top Pick – Titan Fitness T-2 Power Rack

There are plenty of quality squat racks on Amazon that are affordable and have great reviews… but we really like this one from Titan Fitness.

The heavier you can lift, the more premium rack you probably need.

This rack from Titan Fitness has a bar across the top, so you can also do pull ups, banded lat pulldowns, and other exercises from that too.

Bottom Line

If you’re following any sort of Knees Over Training program, including the ATG system, investing in this type of exercise equipment will definitely help.

Depending on whether you’re training at home or in a gym might influence what equipment you want. For example, a reverse squat strap is only useful if you have access to a cable pulley machine.

As far as priorities go, a sled and Tib Bar are probably the two key things that will really help you progress your workouts (and that are hard to find genuine DIY alternatives for). In contrast, a slant board, for example, could be replaced by placing your heels on a raised surface. This isn’t ideal, but if your budget is tight, it might be better than nothing.

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