COBA Board Review 2023 – Everything You Need to Know About This Glute Trainer

COBA Board review

The COBA Board has gained a lot of attention on social media over the past year… and with celebrity endorsements and impressive online reviews, this lightweight fitness product may look simple, but it promises to transform your home workouts.

The COBA Board is first and foremost a glute trainer… which means it helps to strengthen and tone your glutes.

But does it actually work and what does the science say about using an incline board to target the glutes?

This COBA Board review outlines everything you need to know, including what we like, don’t like, how it compares to competitors, reveal what you get in the box and most importantly, the results you can expect from using it.

So, if you’re wondering if you do get more bang for your butt with a COBA Board compared to just doing regular lower body workouts or using other equipment, this review is for you.

In a hurry? COBA offer an unconditional 30 day moneyback guarantee so you can try it risk-free.

COBA Board

Activate the glutes faster and more efficiently, great online reviews, easy to use, free fitness app, perfect for home workouts.

COBA Board Scorecard – Updated 2023

  • Build Quality and Safety – 4/5
  • Workout Diversity – 5/5
  • Muscle Engagement – 5/5
  • Shipping, Customer Support & Warranties – 4/5
  • Price – 4/5
  • Overall Rating – 4.7/5

Learn more about our review scorecards as part of our editorial review guidelines.

How We Got Here – Importance of Glute Training

Before we go any further, it’s important to highlight the importance of exercising our glutes. Regardless of the aesthetic benefits of stronger glutes, it is actually the biggest muscle in the body and accountable for a lot when it comes to functional movement, lower body strength and overall mobility.

Strengthening your glutes will undoubtedly come with impressive all-round health benefits.

But despite all the benefits of having stronger glutes and hamstrings, these muscles are often neglected and ignored.
In today’s world, many of us simply sit too long. Whether we’re in the car, sat in the office, or resting in front of the TV, our glutes and legs aren’t being activated like they should.

This lack of activation and strengthening can lead to weaken glutes, which can consequently lead to all sorts of issues, including things like muscular imbalance. It’s no good having strong, toned quads, and weak hamstrings as this can often lead to injury.

Often lower back problems can be a result of years of failing to activate the glutes and hamstrings sufficiently, which ends up creating weak and tight muscles that create poor posture and create aches and pains.

The long and the short of it is that if we want to look and feel fit, training our glutes should certainly be included somewhere in your exercise regime.

What is the COBA Board?

The COBA Board is described as a product that is “scientifically proven to activate your glutes faster, safer and more effectively than regular squats, lunges and deadlifts for your best butt and body.” It also comes with an instructional app which includes all sorts of total body workouts too.

The purpose of the COBA Board is to make it more efficient to train your glutes and hamstrings. Using their patented 7 degree incline board, it puts more focus on the glutes and hamstrings and less on the quads and knees. In other words, it turns more generalist compound movements into more specific isolating movements.

The incline means that you naturally put your weight on the backs of your feet, which means the exercises target your posterior chain muscles – and it’s these muscles that often get neglected but offer so many benefits in daily life.

There’s opportunity to do all sorts of exercises on the board, but the 8 main exercises it has been designed for are; squats, lunges, deadlifts, hip-thrusts, glute bridges, kickbacks, donkey kicks and adductors.

Updated Board for 2023 – COBA Plus

COBA recently updated their board to the “Plus” model – this includes additional features to help train the upper body too.


The board is very affordable for home gym equipment. In terms of effectiveness, it is much cheaper than buying barbells, weighted plates and a squat rack.

The product feels quality in material and design.

We love the focus on the glutes and hamstrings as these muscles are key to unlocking all-round functional movement.
The diversity of workouts and exercise is vast. You won’t get bored.

It also lends itself for quick workouts and HIIT sessions.

It is also ideal for small spaces. If you’re looking to do a workout in your bedroom or living room, where space isn’t such a luxury, then having exercise equipment that is compact and easy to move is perfect.

The reviews and results from thousands of people indicate this hasn’t just been useful occasionally, but rather for most people that use it.


Although the workout videos are great, they do expect you to know your exercises and movements, so if you’re a beginner you may feel slightly unsure of whether you’re doing it right. As a result, you may want to watch the YouTube videos and do the workouts in front of a mirror, if possible, to check your form and technique.

The board itself is also quite light. During some movements, some people complain of the board moving and not being sturdy enough. This doesn’t appear to be a common complaint, and it’s probably due to users not standing on the board properly. If you stand firmly in the center, it should help avoid this from happening.

They do have very good customer service though, so if you do have any issues or concerns you can just reach out to them for help.

COBA Board

Activate the glutes faster and more efficiently, great online reviews, easy to use, free fitness app, perfect for home workouts.

COBA Board: What’s in the Box

  • COBA Board Itself
  • Main Handle
  • Under-Board Bands (20 lbs. each, up to 60 lbs. of resistance)
  • Glute Bridge Bands (30,40 & 50 lbs., double up for increased resistance)
  • Glute Bridge Nylon Strap
  • Kickback Bands – (10,15 & 20 lbs. double up for increased resistance)
  • Kickback Nylon Strap
  • Storage Bag
  • User Guide
  • Free App

It is also possible to buy “Option 2” which comes with additional resistance bands.

You can also buy additional resistance bands separately if you need as well.

The equipment all feels very quality. It’s sturdy and feels reliable which is a big bonus during workouts.

How to Use the COBA Board

One of the main reasons we really like the COBA Board is the ease of use. It’s a simple piece of equipment that is small, compact, and can be set up in next to no time.

This is really useful during workouts so you can change between exercises quickly and keep the tempo up. One of the issues we see with home equipment is the hassle it takes to adapt resistance or settings, but the COBA Board makes this a breeze which for us, is a big bonus.

To use the COBA Board, simply attach the relevant resistance bands to it. Either stand, knee or lay on it, depending on the exercise you are doing.

COBA Board Workout

The COBA Board comes with a surprising amount of quality workouts and exercise to follow along to. In some ways, the focus on it being a “glute trainer” draws attention away from the fact, it is actually great for all sorts of movements, such as upright rows, tricep skull crushers, etc.

Between their YouTube channel, Instagram and the app, you can really get immersed into their world and enjoy a whole host of home workouts.

Below is an example workout to follow along to.

COBA Board Alternatives?

The most notable competitors and alternatives to COBA Board would probably be;


BootySprout is another very popular glute trainer. It really just focused on hip thrusters, so if that’s your favourite exercise, it’s a product worth looking into. It isn’t as versatile as the COBA Board but still boasts very good reviews.

We’ve written a whole separate review on the BootySprout glute trainer that provides everything you need to know about it.

Or check the latest price below.

BodyBoss 2.0

BodyBoss 2.0 is another popular all-round home workout machine. It looks similar to COBA, but would be better described a portal home gym, as opposed to a glute trainer.

Again, it has very good reviews and would be suited to anyone looking for a more generalist home gym solution.

Booty Bands

Booty bands, or more generally, resistance bands, would also be an alternative. They offer the most basic version of adding resistance. They are easy to use, and easy to transport (which is great for travel), but don’t come with the benefit of having a sturdy platform to leverage the bands to.

Check out our favourite booty bands below.

Is the COBA Board Worth the Money?

The COBA Board is a great piece of home exercise equipment for those looking to train and strengthen the glutes and hamstrings. Adding resistance to exercises like squats, deadlifts, and hip thrusters will force the muscles to work harder and help strengthen these muscles more.

Without resistance, you’re only option is to increase the reps but this won’t develop the same kind of power and strength that can be achieved through resistance training.

And the reality is that things like barbells and Olympic weights can be expensive, large and not ideal for those without a lot of space.

Consequently, resistance bands have become an ideal way to add resistance at home. Available in all sorts of weights, they make creating resistance simple. But as anyone who has tried, doing things like donkey kicks with resistance bands isn’t as straight forward as you’d hope for. Kneeing on bands and hoping they don’t fling off into your face doesn’t make for the most relaxing of situations.

In contrast, the COBA Board allows you to use resistance bands in a safe and reliable way. You can up the resistance and focus on your form and technique, as opposed to whether or not the band is going to move.

We also couldn’t agree more in the importance of strengthening the glutes and hamstrings. They do get ignored and this can lead to aches and pains down the road.

The ability to isolate these muscle groups more so than with regular exercises also helps avoid building up stronger quads. The incline of the board provides similar benefits to that of a decline slant board.

There are also many reviews about how it helps reduce knee pain, which can be very limiting for lower body movements. Not being able to do squats because your knees hurt is frustrating to say the least.

Although genetics will also play a role in how round and “perky” your glutes can get, there is no arguing that training your glutes will help strengthen and tone them.

Overall, it’s a big thumbs up for us. Check out the latest price below. 👇

COBA Board

Activate the glutes faster and more efficiently, great online reviews, easy to use, free fitness app, perfect for home workouts.


What is a Glute Trainer?
A glute trainer is a broad term used to describe any type of fitness equipment that helps strengthen and tone the glute muscles. The COBA Board would full into this category of exercise equipment. We also have a guide on other popular glute trainers.

How much is a COBA Board?
The COBA Board is currently priced at $219.

Does the COBA Board work?
Yes. The COBA Board does what it claims to do. It helps strengthen and tone the glutes and hamstrings effectively, as well as offering all sorts of home workouts.

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