Improving Posture Over 50 – 3 Simple Exercises To Get Started

Whilst good posture gives you a sure fire advantage when it comes to exercising by allowing you to breath better, you don’t have to be exercising to see the benefits. Other benefits include improved balance, relief from headaches and back pain, optimal digestion and boosting energy (slouching takes effort would you believe!)

So, here’s some top tips to assist in your quest for optimum posture.

Simple Posture Exercises for Over 50’s

1. Straightened Posture

If you find yourself slumped at a desk all day this exercise is one for you.

Stand up tall against a wall, making contact with the wall with your heels, shoulder blades and bottom (you should find there is a gap between your lower back and the wall – this is its natural arch). By pointing your chin downwards, try to place the back of your head against the wall (it might help to imagine someone is pulling the back of your hair up). Hold the pose for around 30 seconds, step away with the straightened posture.

2. Flexible spine

Your muscles are better able to maintain a good posture if joints around your spine and ribcage are flexible. A lumbar rotation can help with this.

Lie on your back and bend your knees. Stretch your arms outright on either side of your body in a T position and begin to rotate your knees to the right whilst looking over the opposite shoulder. Gently return your knees to the starting position one at the time and then repeat on the other side. Your spine should remain fixed at all times.

3. Shoulder stretching

By allowing your shoulders to stretch you can help counteract the effects of hunched shoulders. This is common when daily activities force your hands to permanently reach forward such as being sat at a computer or driving. There are a number of exercises to help with these but we’ve selected two, based on their simplicity!

Neck stretch

With you arms by your side, tip your neck to the left in an attempt to touch your left ear touches your left shoulder. Hold the position for 10 seconds and repeat on the other side.

Cross-body arm swing

(you’ll need some room for this!)

Stand up-right, feet hip-width apart. Lift your arms to your sides in a T-position, palms facing down. Bring your arms to your front, crossing he right arm under the left, keeping both arms straight. Swing the arms back to your sides, squeezing your shoulder blades together then repeat, this time with your left arm under the right arm.

Benefit from Better Posture

There are countless exercises to help with good posture but do remember, if you suffer from any medical injury, it is always best to consult your GP and they can recommend tailor stretches for you. It’s worth noting that some of these exercises might not feel comfortable to begin with – you’ve had a lifetime of your muscles adapting to certain positions, but with time and perseverance they will adapt again and you and your body will reap the benefits of good posture!

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