Pliability App Review 2023 – What’s this Mobility App Like?

Pliability review

Pliability, previously known as ROMWOD, is a fitness app focused on mobility training.

With endorsements from a whole host of elite athletes from around the world, the app promises big things…

But what is it actually like to use, how does it compare to similar apps, and what the devil is mobility training anyway?

This Pliability app review aims to answer all these questions… and more, as we share our first hand experience of using the Pliability app.

In a hurry? You can grab a 7 day free trail below and access everything Pliability has to offer to decide for yourself if it’s for you or not, before committing to a monthly or yearly plan.

Pliability App

1,500+ mobility workouts, average 4.8/5 rating, used by elite athletes, our top pick for mobility apps this year.👇

Pliability App Scorecard – Updated 2023

  • Ease of Use – 5/5
  • Exercise/Workout Quality – 5/5
  • Performance Tracking – 4/5
  • Technical/Support  – 4/5
  • Price – 4.5/5
  • Overall Rating – 4.8/5

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What is the Pliability App?

In September 2022, ROMWOD re-branded to Pliability.

Originally focusing on CrossFit athletes, the company has now expanded its reach, to include a broader audience.

The app offers daily stretching routines as well as structured programs and mobility workouts.

We recently featured Pliability as our overall top pick for mobility apps. After testing a wide selection of apps that offer mobility training, we felt Pliability’s app had the best content, features and user-interface.

What We Like About Pliability

The Rebrand

We were big fans of ROMWOD and like many users, probably slightly concerned when they re-branded… would this ultimately dilute the effectiveness of the content?

Well, we think they’ve navigated the re-brand really well and helped bring mobility training to the masses.

Although CrossFit athletes have always prioritized mobility, most gym-goers don’t give these sorts of movements nearly enough attention.

Our hope is that by re-branding to Pliability, the company will be successful in helping to introduce the benefits these routines can have for all sorts of people, and consequently help anyone move better (not just CrossFit athletes).

Daily Routines

We found the daily routines were a great way to boost motivation and keep mobility at the top of our list of things to do.

A WOD, or workout of the day, is a popular feature in CrossFit, and Pliability have kept this concept to help take the guest work out of mobility training each day.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can simply follow these workouts each day.

In our opinion, improving mobility requires a “little and often” approach. Doing something each day, is better than doing a lot, once a month… so getting into the habit of following some sort of daily mobility routine can have truly transformative results.

This is a similar approach as the StretchIt app, which we also really rate highly.

Extensive Content Library

There are currently over 1,500 routines in the app… with lots of routines tailored to specific goals, body parts, sports and other attributes. This makes it easy to find super targeted mobility routines for your goals.

Especially if you have certain problem areas, such as stiff hips, being able to filter on “hip” routines, for example, is incredibly useful as it means you can really prioritize this part of your body.

Expert Programming

Pliability states that the workouts are backed by science and based on our experience of following programs from Sports Physiotherapists, we would tend to agree with that. The programmes include exercises that are proven to be effective at improving joint range of motion, and they’re similar to what you would probably get prescribed if you were to visit a Physical Therapist.

Pliability’s access to top level coaches and athletes also means if you’re looking for that competitive edge, lots of the routines are designed to really enhance joint movement and flexibility, helping to improve athletic performance.

Trusted by Elite Athletes

Pliability is used by an impressive roster of professional athletes, demonstrating the effectiveness of the programming, even for those competing at the very highest level.

Since re-branding to Pliability, the app is also expanding its influence into different sports too, such as running and golf… and we’d guess it’s likely we’re going to see more elite athletes using it due to the positive impact it can have.

Best Stretching App for Athletes

Our review of the best stretching apps includes Pliability as the best option for athletes and those who play sports. We felt the app is second-to-none for this category.

Focus on Mobility

When people search for fitness apps and programs, most are focused on HIIT, yoga, strength, or bodyweight routines… but physical attributes like balance, coordination, and mobility are often overlooked in such cases, yet play such a vital role in our overall health and ability to move with purpose.

We feel Pliability does a great job at making mobility training fun, engaging and something that you actually want to do.

Duration and Muscles Worked

A feature we like with the Pliability app is that you can see the duration and muscles worked for specific routines, before selecting them.

This simply helps ensure you can follow along to routines that best suit your requirements. If you’re short on time one day, you can search for shorter routines, ensuring you still do something, instead of nothing. Another day you may decide you want to follow a really long, full body routine, in which case, you can cross reference the duration and muscles worked icons to find mobility routines that best fit that criteria.

Mobility Test

Although we think the main value from Pliability is the content itself, the app does include some pretty nifty tech too… namely the mobility test feature.

The mobility test allows you to test your overall mobility to help identify potential weaknesses and areas to work on. The app will then make tailored recommendations based on the results… giving you expertly crafted mobility routines customized specifically to your current mobility levels.

Over time, you can re-take the test and get new recommendations, ensuring you are always ironing out any weaknesses and limitations in your mobility.

Things to Consider

No Free Version

There’s no free version or plan with Pliability… your membership, either paid monthly or yearly, grants you unlimited access to everything.

They do, however, have a 7 day free trial, so you can try it out in full before committing to it.

We’d recommend trying to do a workout each day during your free trial to get the most out of it.

Some Equipment Helps

You don’t need any equipment to follow along to Pliability workouts. A mat of some kind would be useful, such as a yoga mat. Pliability do sell very thick, luxury mats, but these are pretty expensive.

If you have a foam roller, mobility ball and resistance bands, it opens up a few more opportunities during workouts, so these basic stretching tools might be worth getting if you’re serious about seeing improvements quickly.

Pliability App

1,500+ mobility workouts, average 4.8/5 rating, used by elite athletes, our top pick for mobility apps this year.👇

Pliability Vs GOWOD

Pliability and GOWOD are both mobility apps, offering mobility focused training routines and programs. Both apps include a mobility test feature and offer custom recommendations based on the results of this test.

GOWOD is positioned for CrossFit athletes, whilst Pliability has expanded to cater for a wider range of users.

Both Pliability and GOWOD programming is very effective and personal preference will likely dictate which one you prefer.

We think Pliability inclusion of mindful routines and general joint/muscle recovery means it probably appeals to more users.


What’s the Difference Between ROMWOD and Pliability?

Pliability was previously called ROMWOD, so you may see references to this old name if you’re searching for mobility apps.

The main difference since the re-brand is that the focus is less on CrossFit and is now geared towards a wider audience.

How Much is Pliability?

Pliability is currently priced at $13.95/month. You can cancel anytime.

Is There a Free Trial Available?

Yes, you can enjoy everything Pliability has to offer with their 7 day free trial. If you aren’t convinced, simply cancel your account before the 7 days are up and you won’t be charged.

Pliability App

1,500+ mobility workouts, average 4.8/5 rating, used by elite athletes, our top pick for mobility apps this year.👇

Bottom Line

Ultimately, we think the Pliability app is a great fitness app and well worth the $13.95/month price tag.

The value you can get from following along to Pliability’s workouts and programs is significant as better joint range of motion helps improve overall movement.

Compared to similar apps, we think Pliability offers the most value for mobility training and we consequently selected it as our top pick for mobility apps in our comparison guide.

You can grab a free trial by clicking below.

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