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Improving flexibility should be on everyone’s wish list. From beginners and those trying to regain flexibility, to elite athletes and everyone in between, improving flexibility helps reduce the risk of injury, improve range of motion and correct bad posture.

Better flexibility means better movement and better movement means getting more out of life. From exercise and sports, to living a healthy, active lifestyle, being able to move without feeling stiff or in pain, will open a wealth of positive feelings and opportunities for you.

Improving flexibility ultimately boils down to following flexibility exercises and workouts. These movements help combat stiff muscles and joints, and over time, help turn sore muscles into supple muscles! A lot of these exercises don’t require any equipment or gear and can be done at home. Nevertheless, specific equipment can help support, enhance and improve your flexibility exercises in a variety of ways.

For flexibility inspiration, check out our flexibility challenge to kickstart your journey to better movement.

Flexibility Equipment Kit List

Whether you’re a personal trainer, a physiotherapist or just looking to improve your flexibility on your own, the following kit list offers the perfect solutions for those wanting to see tangible gains in their flexibility.

Slant Board

Slant boards provide a simple but effective way to stretch your legs and maintain optimal flexibility. They can be used before/after a workout or just throughout the day. You can place one under your desk while you work, stretching your calf throughout the day.

Slant boards help reduce the risk of injury associated with tight calves. They also help with a number of other injuries, such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon injuries, shin splints, general foot/ankle injuries.

Slant boards aid recovery and help improve flexibility, offering the perfect piece of equipment for any home or gym.

Balance Pad

Balance pads are the perfect addition to any flexibility equipment list. They allow for slight sinking into the pad, creating instability and helping develop and strengthen supporting muscles and ligaments.

They are versatile and you can do a lot of balance pad exercises to improve flexibility and stability.

Our recent blog outlines the best balance pad exercises.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are incredibly versatile and can be used for an array of flexibility stretches and exercises.

Resistance bands can be used to assist exercises as well as add resistance to exercises, making them ideal for whatever level of fitness you are.

Resistance bands come in different widths and strengths so you can test your flexibility over time with different bands.

Foam Roller

Foam rollers are a must for any rehab, prehab or general DOMS treatment.

Foam rollers help relieve tight muscles, enabling for better flexibility. Foam rollers with trigger points will allow for more intense tissue massage and recovery.

Exercise Mat

Stretching is a big part of improving flexibility so having an exercise mat where you can sit, lay down and stand on comfortably, is a great way to get the most out of your flexibility training.

Having an exercise mat that is easily transportable and folds away, means you can take it wherever you go. Getting an exercise mat that is anti-slip and easy to clean is also worthwhile, ensuring it deliver a high performance during any exercises.

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Best Flexibility Equipment for Tight Muscles

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