VAHVA Fitness Review 2024 – I Tried Movement 20XX and Athlete 20XX

I moved like Eero Westerberg for 2 months. Here’s how I got on…

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With the aim of building foundational strength, mobility and fitness, “movement training” is on the rise.

One of the leaders in the space is VAHVA Fitness.

As someone who usually follows a more traditional gym workout, I decided it was finally time to give this type of exercise a go, and tried the brand’s two most popular programs, Movement 20XX and Athlete 20XX.

In hurry? Here’s the key takeaways… The workouts are surprisingly effective and the focus on natural bodyweight movements means that you really do feel fitter by the end of it. I would recommend trying Movement 20XX first to give you a full taste of this approach to exercise.

Although you won’t build the same sort of muscle mass compared to a more traditional bodybuilding workout, the improved mobility and the increase in functional strength makes it a worthy contender for anyone looking to focus on these areas.



Most popular.


Best for athletic performance.


Best for weight loss.

VAHVA Fitness Scorecard

  • Ease of Use – 4/5
  • Exercise/Workout Quality – 4.5/5
  • Performance Tracking – 4/5
  • Technical/Support – 5/5
  • Price – 4/5
  • Overall Rating – 4.6/5

Learn more about our review scorecards as part of our editorial review guidelines.


  • Pros – Long-term training plans, lessons/educational content, results-driven workouts, focus on functional movement patterns.
  • Cons – No native app, better user experience on a computer.
  • Best For – Those looking to move better.
  • Less Ideal For – Those looking for hypertrophy (building muscle) or traditional cardio workouts.


Comprehensive online fitness programs, improve functional strength and mobility, lifetime access, community support.

Why Trust This Review? Methodology Explained

Fitness Drum believes in editorial integrity and providing genuine value to our readers. All research for this review was conducted by a CPT and involved following Movement 20XX and Athlete 20XX by VAHVA Fitness to evaluate the overall experience and workout quality. VAHVA did not sponsor this review or have any say in what opinions were shared. See more about our review process here.

My Experience With VAHVA Fitness

Movement Lessons

VAHVA Fitness has put a lot of effort into creating lessons to help you understand the “why” behind the training methodology.

I found genuine value in these lessons, and they often did make me question my own training and how I could get more out of my fitness routine.

You can mark each lesson as “complete” as you work through the content.

Exercise Demonstrations

The programs all include a wealth of exercise demonstrations and guidance.

The videos are performed by Eero Westerberg himself and are easy to follow along to.

Lots of the movements will be new to you, so the demonstrations are important.

Long-Term Training Plans

Movement 20XX, for example, includes 6 months of planned workouts and movement routines.

If you’re a beginner, having a training plan that is so detailed and comprehensive removes any sort of guesswork.

Each day is mapped out for you, making it easy to follow along to.

New Expansion Content

Eero Westerberg and his team are constantly updating the programs.

Movement 20XX now has a free expansion library of additional workout flows for anyone who wants to keep progressing after finishing the program.

New bonus material added.

Movement Flows

Compared to other bodyweight programs and apps, I got most value from VAHVA’s movement flows.

These help you re-think what a workout looks like and gives you the foundational knowledge to start getting creative with your own workouts.

The flow routines provide all the details you need to follow along.


Comprehensive online fitness programs, improve functional strength and mobility, lifetime access, community support.


  • Better Movement – With a focus on mobility and movements that don’t put excessive strain on your body, these programs are great for anyone who really just wants to move better.
  • Fun – A lot of the exercise are fun and give you the knowledge to get creative with your workouts.
  • Suitable for Home Workouts – No equipment is needed for Movement 20XX and very little for Athlete 20XX.
  • Short Workouts – A lot of the workouts are quite short – between 15 and 30 minutes.
  • Comprehensive Training Plans – Every day is mapped out for you.


  • No Native App – The videos are uploaded landscape, so it feels more suited to desktop as opposed to a mobile-native experience.
  • No customization – The program isn’t customized to you in any way.
  • No progressive tracking – There’s no dedicated progress tracking for your workouts.

Comparison with Other Fitness Apps


GMB is the only fitness program I can think of that is similar to VAHVA Movement 20XX.

Both programs put mobility and functional strength at the heart of the programs.

GMB leans more into “skills”, such as trying to master a handstand… whereas VAHVA is more focused on playful movements and creative movement flows.

Berg Movement

Fellow Scandinavian athlete, Sondre Berg, has a great calisthenics training app called The Berg Movement.

This is great for anyone who likes the idea of progressing through a training program to master new exercises and movements.

Berg Movement is more of a traditional fitness app with a simple user-interface.

The Movement Athlete

An area that VAHVA doesn’t prioritize is the use of tech/AI to help customize the experience depending on personal preferences.

If you want a program that adapts to your previous workouts and current skill level, an app like The Movement Athlete is definitely worth trying.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, VAHVA Fitness has created some great training programs for those looking to get fitter.

I personally found most value from the Movement 20XX program because of the inclusion of exercises and movements that help improve mobility, as well as strength.


Comprehensive online fitness programs, improve functional strength and mobility, lifetime access, community support.

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