Ice Barrel Review – Taking the Plunge with Cold Water Therapy

ice barrel review

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The popularity of cold water therapy has exploded in recent years.

Top athletes, celebrities and health professionals are taking the plunge and swearing by the benefits.

Although cold showers and baths are a good starting point, you can’t really submerge your whole body at once. The soution?

Ice Barrel…

In this Ice Barrel review, we take a look at one of the hottest (metaphorically of course!) plunge pools on the market and discuss what we like about, things to consider and ultimately if it’s worth the money.

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What is Ice Barrel?

Ice Barrel is a leader in the ice tubs/cold baths/cold therapy market. The company has made a strong, durable barrel out of heavy duty 100% recycled plastic, that offers a simple, fun and effective way of benefitting from immersive cold water therapy.

Founded by Wyatt Ewing, Ice Barrel is on a mission to help the everyday man and woman understand and enjoy the impact cold water threapy can have. Wyatt discovered the positive impact taking a cold plunge had on his physical and mental health and wanted to create a product that made this easy and accessible for all.

With some seriously expensive cold plunge pools on the market (we’re talking $11,000+!), Ice Barrel offers a quality product that is well priced and affordable. You don’t need to be on a professional athlete’s wage to invest in one, making it the most viable option out there.

Benefits of Cold Water Therapy

Cold water therapy boasts some pretty impressive benefits, both physically and mentally; including:

  • Pain Management – Cold water therapy helps to reduce swelling in muscles and desensitizing nerves.
  • Inflammation and Muscle Recovery – Reduces localized inflammation. From helping speed up injuries, to helping prevent the impact of DOMs after exercise, this helps athletes keep performing at their best.
  • Mental Health – Cold therapy has strongly been associated with helping to improve mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.
  • Brain Function – Helps promote better brain function and boosts mood.

Our guide on the benefits of wild swimming discusses similar outcomes. Swimming in open water is a great alternative to plunge pools, but you obviously need to live near a body of cold water that is safe to swim in (even the ocean can warm to a pleasant temperature and therefore not actually be suitable for cold immersion therapy).

For more info on the benefits of cold water therapy and cold water immersion, check out the “Science” page on Ice Barrel‘s website. This links to specific scientific research based on the use of cold water therapy.

What We Like About Ice Barrel

Immersive Experience

The Ice Barrel is 42” high and 31” wide. This is a generous size and really gives you the space needed for an immersive plunge experience.

Being able to fully submerge yourself really takes the benefits of cold water therapy to the next level. As opposed to a cold shower, plunging yourself into the cold water will really give your sore muscles instant benefits.

There are plenty of alternative ice baths out there, but they often cut corners, including with the size (they can often end up feeling like a child’s paddling pool).

Ice Barrel scores top marks for its size and shape.

Also, shaped like a whiskey barrel is pretty cool too.

100% Reycled Plastic

Any business that uses 100% recycled materials, gets some serious bonus points in our eyes.

Ice Barrel is also made in the USA, and the quality of build is definitely noticeable.

The durable recycled plastic is also fit for any climate, from cold snowy mountains, to the warmer tropical regions, the product can handle it all.

Easy to Use Drainage System

Draining a cold water plunge tub is probably one of the main questions buyers have. Some DIY tubs end up being so hard or inefficient to drain, the result is that you barely ever use it.

Ice Barrel has a simple but effective drainage system, located at the front of the barrel. This means you can fill and drain your barrel with ease and focus on your recovery, not your tub management.

Comes with a Stool

If you’re wondering how you get in and out of a large barrel gracefully, the answer is a stool, that comes included with your purchase.

The stool is similar to what you’d find with a hot hub, offering an effective way to hop in and out of the barrel.

Protective UV Cover

It’s worth using the protective UV cover to ensure your barrel lasts the test of time. The cover is also included in your order and will provide snow/water/sun damage.

Effective Insulation

The tub comes with great insulation, as well as a lid, so realistically, you can keep water cold for a few days. This is a huge bonus for saving water and not needing to refill it every single day.

Especially if you’re using it daily, after an intense workout, for example, being able to reuse the ice from the previous day is a big bonus.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re still on the fence about Ice Barrel, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Take the barrel for a test drive knowing you can get a full refund if it’s not your cup of tea.

Quick Benefits

You don’t need to be submerged for long at all to feel the benefits. In fact, it’s recommended just 2-5 minutes is all you need.

(It’s also worth noting, you shouldn’t stay in for long periods otherwise hypothermia could set in).


When not filled with water, the barrel only weighs 55lbs. This makes it easy to move and transport.

Ice Barrel Customer Reviews

As well as on their website, check out the video below showing the barrel in use and a live interview with a customer about why these use the product.

Things to Consider

As far as plunge pools go, Ice Barrel is a great choice. The reviews are impressive and all suggest customers that are very happy with their purchase.

There are some other options, as highlighted in the section below. From our research, Ice Barrel competes with a lot of the higher end plunge pools, that are priced much higher. Lots of the cheaper products will work to some degree, but you’ll likely lose a lot of the convenience and fun by swapping for cheaper versions.

The main thing to consider if you’re on the fence about Ice Barrel is making sure you are ultimately sold on the concept of cold water therapy. It’s maybe worth reading some of their blogs and the science behind it so you know what your body is in for.

Ice Barrel Alternatives?

There’s a few cheaper brands you could opt for, including:


This inflatable option isn’t as durable or robust as the Ice Barrel, but does come in a lot cheaper. If you’re serious, the Ice Barrel is in a different league, but if budget is tight, something like PEAKn could be worth considering.

It’s also a decent size for the price as well (but it is basically an inflatable paddling pool so won’t be too durable).

Check PEAKn on Amazon


The MURO is pretty small is size, and again, is inflatable, so certainly not as durable as the Ice Barrel.

The smaller size also isn’t as effective but it does make it useful for anyone who doesn’t have much space.

Check MURO on Amazon

Bottom Line

If you understand the benefits of cold water immersion and therapy, and want an at-home solution to aid muscle recovery and mental health, then Ice Barrel is a no-brainer.

Priced very competitively for a plunge pool, check out the link below for the latest best price. 👇

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