Best Nordic Walking Poles [Review]

nordic walking poles

Nordic walking is a fantastic activity for anyone looking to get fit and healthy. Our recent article highlights all the benefits of Nordic walking as well as tips for getting started.

Nordic walking doesn’t require much gear or equipment, but there is one thing that you need before lacing up your shoes and heading for the hills – walking poles!

Nordic walking poles define the activity. They help reduce stress and strain on your knees and ankles, make your core, shoulders and arms work harder and offer support and balance for those more adventurous treks.

To ensure you get the most out of Nordic walking, buying the right poles is vital. Walking poles and sticks often have different designs and features, tailored to different circumstances and requirements. This article outlines what features you should look out for and our top picks when it comes to Nordic walking poles and sticks.

Our Top Pick 🏆

LEKI Spin Speedlock Nordic Walking







Leki is without doubt synonymous with Nordic walking. Their poles and sticks have been fan favourites for a long time.

The Leki Spin Speedlock is a fantastic option for all abilities. With glowing reviews, almost all of which are 5 stars, this pole is hard to beat. Beginners can get their hands on a trusted and reliable pole, while experienced walkers can upgrade their poles to this highly rated Nordic walking pole.

Best Nordic Walking Poles

At a glance…

LEKI Spin Speedlock Nordic Walking

  • Shark grip/strap system
  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Quality Aluminium Shaft

York Nordic Ultralight Folding Walking Poles

  • Foldable
  • Free travel bag
  • Ultra Lightweight

LEKI Traveller Alu Nordic Walking Poles

  • Inter-changeable Basket
  • Rubber Fitness Traction Tip
  • Adjustable Length

Things to Consider When Buying Nordic Walking Poles?

Nordic walking poles (or Nordic walking sticks), are used for Nordic walking. They are similar to trekking poles but have a few distinct differences.

Different models offer specific benefits and features. Things to be aware of include; adjustable sizes, weight, durability, comfort, quick release, and glove/strap quality.


Nordic walking poles usually come in either carbon fibre or aluminium. Carbon fibre is more expensive and super lightweight (but still incredibly strong). Aluminium is still a great material but not as light, but these poles/sticks are lightly to be cheaper.


It’s becoming increasingly desirable for adjustable and even foldable poles. This often makes them much easier to transport and travel with. Nordic walking poles and sticks are available as a fixed length, foldable or adjustable.

Your personal preference will dictate which type of pole is best for you.

Nordic Walking Poles Vs Trekking Poles?

Something to bear in mind is the subtle but notable differences between Nordic walking poles and regular trekking poles. Trekking poles are usually designed for more rugged and uneven surfaces, such as trekking up a steep hill, mountain, or rocky path. They come in handy for added support and stability. Walkers may use them as and when they need to, thus they aren’t a continuous part of the walk, rather there during times of need.

Nordic walking poles, however, are used for the whole walk, as part of the activity. They tend to be better suited to flatter environments. Nordic walking poles will have a gloves that attaches to the poles for use. They also don’t tend to have baskets at the bottom, compared to trekking poles whereby this is a popular feature (to prevent them sinking in mud).

Nordic walking poles are also much lighter. If you are serious about Nordic walking then investing in an ultra-light pair of poles will reap benefit when you’re out walking.

Nordic walking poles are often shorter than trekking poles. This is because of the walking technique used during Nordic walking and the poles being used for forward momentum as opposed to balance and support.


Nordic walking poles/sticks are the perfect piece of fitness gear that will last the test of time. They come in a range of styles to best suit your specific requirements and needs.


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