The Best Nordic Walking Gloves for 2021

best nordic walking gloves

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Our Top Pick đźŹ†- Simari Walking Gloves

SIMARI walking gloves

At a Glance

Simari Walking Gloves

  • Touchscreen capabilities
  • Very comfortable – men and women
  • Fantastic Grip

Lanyi Running Sports Compression Gloves

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Touchscreen

LEKI Shark Gloves

  • Flexi Cuff
  • Comfortable
  • Sweat-Wicking Properties
  • Designed Specifically for Nordic Walking

Top Nordic Walking Gloves

Simari Walking Gloves

SIMARI walking gloves

These gloves are a fantastic option for Nordic walking or any type of outdoor active activity. They are made of elastic wool lycra. This means they offer warmth and comfort but also allow your hands to breathe. They are also designed to withstand wind.

They also have adopted touchscreen finger capabilities, so you can quickly check apps on your phone while on the move.

One of the deciding factors for them claiming our top spot is their superior grip. They have silicon glue on the palms and fingertips, perfect for gripping and holding Nordic walking poles!

Lanyi Running Sports Compression Gloves

These credibility lightweight gloves are a great option for those looking for a premium glove that offers high performance. These gloves are designed for zero-pilling, high breathability, durability, and advanced wicking and anti-static function.

These gloves can be used outright as a pair of Nordic walking gloves, or used as a liner to go under larger, thicker gloves, for example, ski gloves.

LEKI Nordic Breeze Shark Short Glove

leki gloves

Leki is a tried and tested brand when it comes to Nordic walking poles, so it’s only fitting they have gloves that are also fit for purpose.

Unlike more generalist walking gloves, Leki gloves are designed with Nordic walking specifically in mind. Subtle details like the finger lengths being adapted for maximum comfort for each finger shows the level of detail Leki have gone to. The outer material is breathable, ideal for warmer conditions and when you’ve worked up a sweat. They also come with sweat-wicking properties so you avoid getting clammy hands during any Nordic walking workout.

Tips for Buying Walking Gloves

Although Nordic walking poles are often the main bit of equipment people look for when getting started with Nordic walking, things like choosing the right footwear and gloves are also really important.

Having cold hands or overly sweaty hands isn’t fun when you’re out on your walk.

Regardless of what country you’re walking in, or what season it is, walking gloves can help improve comfort, performance and enjoyment.

Luckily Nordic walking gloves come is a range of styles so you can find one most suitable to your requirements.

So, what type of things should you consider?


If you’re planning on walking in cold conditions, having gloves that are warm will be really important. Cold hands and fingers will ruin any walk so having gloves ready for cold conditions is a real bonus.

Fit and Comfort

You want something that fits like a… well… glove!

Having comfortable gloves that fit well will mean they don’t cause issues on the walk. You can get gloves in different sizes so you don’t end up with gloves either too big, or too small.

Materials and Breathability

Although warmth is important, so too is breathability and air flow within the gloves. Getting overly hot hands will just lead to discomfort and a very sweaty palm.

Breathable fabrics and materials will allow for a better glove for warmer conditions.


Some gloves include very clever technology which means you can still use a tough screen while wearing your gloves. If you’re using a fitness app or Google maps during your walk, being able to conveniently check your phone without needed to take off your gloves can be a real bonus.

This may be really important for some people and not so much for others. If you can’t live without your phone, then this type of feature would be recommended for any Nordic walking gloves.


One of the main decisions when it comes to Nordic walking gloves is whether you want short or full finger length gloves. Short finger length gloves will mean the ends of your fingers are exposed, while full finer length gloves will cover all your fingers.

Short gloves may be preferred in summer months when its warm, while full finger gloves can provide additional warmth in colder months.

Final Thoughts

Although Nordic walking poles and shoes may be more obvious items on the Nordic walking equipment list, good gloves are still really important. Taking the time to find reliable walking gloves will mean you’re prepared for whatever the weather throws at you during your next walk!


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