The Best Sports for Over 50’s Looking to Get Fit (As Voted for by You)

best sports for over 50's

If you’re looking for the best sports for over 50’s, then you’re in the right place.

This article delves into the perfect sports to keep you feeling and looking fitter than ever before in your 50s and beyond.

When it comes to fitness, sports are a fantastic way to get fit and healthy. They involve movement, strength, agility, coordination and all sorts – which all help contribute to better overall fitness.

Joining a sports club in your 50’s also gives you lots of social benefits which can help with mental and social wellbeing.

As we get older, some sports can be more challenging and put too much stress and pressure on joints and muscles. This can make them unattainable for beginners or be demotivated for those looking to simply feel and look fitter.

So, after doing a survey of our audience, we’ve identified 6 of the best sports anyone over the age of 50 can get involved in. All these sports offer incredible health and fitness benefits as well as being really fun and enjoyable. They’re also perfect for beginners or anyone get starting out.

If you’re over 50 and currently not participating in any of these sports, then now is the time to embrace one of these sports and start reaping the benefits of doing sport over 50.

What Are the Best Sports for Over 50’s?


Swimming is without doubt a fantastic sport for over 50’s. The benefits of swimming over 50 are abundant and its something anyone can start doing whatever their fitness level.

Swimming develops strength, cardiovascular fitness as well as being gentle on joints.

It deservedly takes our top spot as the best sport for beginners looking to get fit. From swimming on your own, to joining a swimming club, its entirely up to you.

For the truly adventurous, you may even be inspired to go open water swimming!

As well as swimming, water exercises are also becoming really popular amongst over 50’s. This includes fitness classes in a swimming pool, which helps reduce stress and strain on joints but still gets the muscles and body working hard.


Tennis is a great sport that can easily be adapted to your level of fitness. Tennis tests the body in all kinds of ways, from strength and agility to coordination and precision. It is something where you can track your progress and enjoy competition by playing others.

There are plenty of tennis clubs to join and most will have senior players and teams that you can participate in. From pre-game discussions to post-game beers, the social aspect around tennis is also fantastic at those looking to make new friendships from any sports they join.

p.s. If you enjoy tennis, you may also really enjoy Pickleball. Pickleball is becoming a hugely popular sport amongst the over 50s all over the world and is somewhat an adaptation of tennis (but better suited to slower paced games).


Another racquet sport, another great option for over 50’s.

Badminton (and racquetball) require quick movements mixed with powerful yet precise shots. It is high intensity and will push your body for the whole game.

Unlike tennis, it is somewhat gentler on joints and uses more of subtle wrist movements as opposed to big shoulder and elbow movements. This can mean your body doesn’t need quite the same level of recovery.

Badminton can be adapted to whatever skill or fitness level you are.

Badminton clubs will include all age ranges and offer a great mix of abilities and levels. This adds to the social benefits and helps staying fit and healthy something you enjoy and look forward to.


Although most of us will do some type of walking in the day, walking clubs and hiking are fantastic activities to get involved in.

There’s more to walking than you may think. Nordic walking is a great example of how a seemingly simple activity can become a passionate hobby and something you look forward to each week.

Similarly, there are lots of rambling clubs in the UK in particular, that organise walks and hikes around beautiful countryside. Rambling offers lots of benefits and also encourages you to meet new people and enjoy their company while keeping fit and active.


Although cricket hasn’t reached a wide American audience, in UK, Australia and India, cricket is hugely popular amongst the over 50’s and offers the perfect foundation to continue playing competitive sport.

Cricket teams are often made up of a wide age range, creating a unique and dynamic atmosphere.


Cycling is another great sport for the over 50’s. From road cycling to mountain biking, getting on your bike is a great way to get fit and healthy. Cycling clubs mean you can join fellow cyclists and follow cycle routes with them.

Cycling through beautiful countryside before stopping off at a village pub or café doesn’t sound too bad to me!

Cycling offers a full body workout and will develop powerful leg muscles. This is ideal for those wanting to improve their functional fitness and make everyday activities seem easier.


Golf is another great option for over 50’s looking to stay active and stay competitive.

Golf requires strength, balance and flexibility, making it a great all-round activity. Whether you just want to compete against yourself or challenge others, it’s a sport that never gets old, and keeps you coming back for more!


Playing sports is arguably the best way to live an active and healthy life. It will provide an array of fitness benefits as well as introducing you to new friendships and communities.

The 6 sports identified above are highly rated due to them being very beginner-friendly and low impact on joints which could cause challenges for some.

But this is by no means a definitive list – the world is your oyster and we encourage you to participate and join in as many sports as you can. There are hundreds of sports that may be perfectly suited to you. Some sports that just missed our list but are nevertheless still great for over 50’s include; skiing, golf, CrossFit and football.

Get out, sign yourself up, and get playing!