18 Ankle Weight Exercises Anyone Can Do [Workout Plan]

ankle weight workout

Ankle weights are a great piece of exercise equipment for anyone looking to take their bodyweight exercises to the next level.

They are suitable for all ages and help add extra weight during exercises.

The weights are comfortable and attach to ankles or wrists. They come in varying weights, depending on your specific requirements.

Benefits of Using Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are easy to carry, inexpensive and help give your workout a new dimension. Ankle weights are particularly good for those who are following a prehab or injury rehabilitation programme to get back to full fitness.

The additional weight helps force muscles to work harder, helping provide a natural bridge between bodyweight movements and weight training.

If you are doing any type of HIIT workout or Tabata fitness, ankle weights can make all the difference and take a workout to new intensity. This makes them a very useful thing to have around the house if you like to workout at home and may be looking to quickly add some extra resistance to a workout.

Ankle weights are particularly useful for leg and core workouts. Ankle weight workouts for abs and legs are the most common exercises this nifty piece of exercise gear is most likely to be used for.

This helps tone and sculpt a flat abs and toned legs.

Ankle Weight Workout

Follow the video below for a complete lower body ankle weight workout.

Ankle Weight Exercises (Legs and Core)

High Knees

Raise your knees as high as you can. Alternate with each leg.

Kick Back Sumo Squats

Squat with a wide stance and kick back after you’ve squatted down.


Perform a classic burpee, starting in a press up position and standing up and jumping in the air.

Hip Extensions

Starting on all fours, straighten your leg and lift it up. Alternate each leg.

Donkey Kicks

Similar to hip extensions, but bend the leg at the knee and kick directly upwards.

Downward Dog Leg Lift

Get into the downward dog position and lift each leg upwards.

Mountain Climbers

Perform classic mountain climbers, starting on all fours and pulling each leg in and out as quick as possible.

Side Leg Lift

Lift each leg to the side.

Kickback Pulse

Lift each leg backwards.


Jump up and touch alternately foot on the way down to create a twisting motion.

Fire Hydrant

Starting on all fours, raise each leg to the side, bent at the knee.

Cross Legged Lift

Lay flat on the floor and raise legs to the air, crossing one on the other.

Pulse Ups

Lay flat on the floor and raise legs in the air and push lower back off the ground slightly.


Lay flat on the floor and perform bicycle riding motion with each leg, both forward and backwards.

Crunchy Frog

Lay flat on the floor and bring legs and arms inwards before extending out.


Lay on the floor and lift legs.

Crunch Variation

Lay on the floor and lift legs upwards and outwards.

Cross Body Mountain Climbers

Get in a plank position and lift knees inwards to opposite side.

Get Started with Ankle Weight Workouts

Ankle weights are great to utilise in exercises that target all major muscle groups. The exercises and workout mentioned above are all focused on legs and core, but you could also use wrist weights from arm, shoulder, back and chest exercises too.

If you find success with ankle weights, make sure you look into weighted vests too. Weighted vests operate in a very similar way, adding extra weight. This makes bodyweight movements such as pull-ups or press-ups that little bit more challenging.