Customize your Workouts for Better Results

customised workouts

Creating the optimal workout plan isn’t just about selecting good exercises – it’s about picking the best exercises for your body and your individual needs.

If everyone reacted to workouts in the same way, it would make the fitness industry a lot simpler.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case and unfortunately too many of us rely on generic advice for our health and fitness needs. This just won’t get you the results you’re hoping for. To reach your ultimate goals of being fitter, healthier and happier, you need to focus on the fundamentals, but also make slight adaptations to incorporate your individual characteristics.

Testing out different diets or different workouts is an important step in learning what works best for your body.

The first step is deciding what you want to get out of a customized fitness plan. Before you start your fitness journey you really need to sit down and think about what it is you want to achieve.

Fat loss? Muscle gain? Cardio? Not everyone wants to achieve the same thing so you need to decide what workout is going to help achieve your individual goals.

Perhaps you want to get physically stronger over 50, or maybe just feel functionally fitter.

Once you’ve decided this, the second step is deciding what best you can achieve this. This includes everything from diet, workout, lifestyle and your individual circumstances.

Everyone who has been around sport or the health industry has an opinion on ‘Nature Vs Nurture.’ The truth is, both are massively important. But what the successful people do is understand how to get the most out of their genetics and DNA. This means that by taking the time to understand your body better, you’ll be able to manipulate it easier.

You don’t need a PhD in bio-medicine, all it takes is simply recording your workouts and start to focus on the ones that are making the biggest improvements. Hiring a personal trainer is the obvious first step in helping this, however, if this isn’t an option for you then reading health and fitness blogs can give you lots of ideas about different workouts and training.

Creating Effective Workouts

The number one mistake most of us make is simply doing the most popular exercises week in week out. These exercises are usually popular for a reason and do offer some clear advantages for everyone. However, by just adding a few different workouts in as well is something that everyone should be considering. Furthermore, most of us do the traditional version of the exercise or lift which could be fine, but maybe your body would react to an alternative version that’ll suit your body better and thus provide you with better results. This might also help prevent injuries.

The best thing you can do is hire a personal trainer to help get a programme tailored to you. Even if you you’ve been going to the gym for years, this can still be of great help. If your progress has started to stall and you’ve assumed you naturally can’t progress anymore, then think again and start working out the clever way by customizing those workouts to your body.

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