Tough Mudder Training Plan for Beginners

Tough Mudder events and other obstacle races are a fantastic way to test your functional fitness in a challenging yet enjoyable environment.

For those getting a bit bored with the same old gym routine, then training for a Tough Mudder and participating at the next event is a sure fire way to ignite your current exercise sessions.

There are lots of muddy races and obstacles courses all kinds around the world, but the increase in global popularity largely stems from Tough Mudder. They put your physical and metal strength and endurance to the test, making it a great all-round activity.

Tough Mudders and muddy runs are very popular amongst the Fitness Drum community so we thought we’d create this handy beginner’s guide to help anyone looking to get started.

Tough Mudder Training Plan

The best Tough Mudder training plan will be personalise to your specific needs and requirements. Getting started with a personal trainer is a often a great way to understand what areas you need to work on and what exercises will work best for you. They can work with you and create a tailored plan.

Your plan should ideally embrace the outdoors as much as possible so you get used to running, crawling, jumping and climbing in similar conditions to the event itself. Running in a field is very different from running on a treadmill so its best you bare that in mind for your training.

Adding in plenty of functional fitness exercises will also help develop all-around strength, fitness and mobility.

Tough Mudder Exercises

Who better to help take you through Tough Mudder exercises and workouts than the folks over at Tough Mudder themselves!

The 3 videos below give you 3 fantastic Tough Mudder workout routines to help with your training.