This Week’s Highlights: HIIT Yoga, Healthy Hips Routine & Seated Flexibility Stretches

As we wrap up another fantastic week of healthy ageing workouts, we thought we’d share some of our highlights from the last 7 days.

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Workout Highlights


This workout was a beautiful fusion between high intensity workouts and yoga. It brought the benefits of both worlds and provided a quick workout, ideal for busy people. Within 15 minutes, the workout had guided you through some of the most popular yoga poses for beginners at a pace that got your heart racing and muscles working.

Lower Body Stretch Routine

This workout was perfect for anyone with tight hamstrings or general lower body aches. This soothing stretch routine worked the muscles from different angles to help aid recovery. After an intense workout or activity, this is the type of stretching routine you want to know.

Healthy Hips and Back Routine

Combat long hours sat at a desk with this routine. It helps open and stretch the hips and lower back to improve range of motion. Hip mobility is a vital component to lots of lower body exercises and movements so this sort of stretching is worth its weight in gold.

Seated Flexibility Stretches

This routine included seated stretches you can do while sat down, helping to get in those effective stretches even if mobility is an issue.

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