Stylish Walking and Hiking Clothes for 2020 [Buyer’s Guide]

stylish walking clothes

Just because you’re heading for the great outdoors, it doesn’t mean you can’t look good.

Walking and hiking are fantastic activities, offering stunning views, physical and mental health benefits and a sense of accomplishment.

But most people think of bulky fleeces and unflattering waterproof trousers when they think about hiking. Luckily, outdoor clothing has moved on and there are some great stylish walking clothes for both men and women.

It doesn’t matter your age, deciding what to wear when you go hiking or for walks has got a lot more exciting in recent years.

When looking for stylish walking clothes, its important to choose clothing that is still practical and functional. Trendy ripped jeans just won’t cut it I’m afraid. When looking for fashionable hiking gear, your best bet is to focus on outdoor brands that have clothing specifically designed for walking and hiking.

Materials like denim get heavy and uncomfortable when wet, so looking stylish will be the least of your worries if you’re wearing this type of clothing up on a mountain in the rain.

If you’re heading out on a hike or walk, check out our recent blogs on the best walking equipment and walking accessories for any outdoor adventure, to help you get started.

All these suggestions and outfit inspiration are based on clothing that will enhance your walk as well as keeping you stylish, for both men and women.

Fashionable Walking and Hiking Outfit Ideas & Inspiration

We’ve been on the hunt for the best stylish clothing options for men and women in all conditions, so you can look good whatever weather comes your way.

Women’s Walking and Hiking Stylish Clothing

Women’s Walking Outfits for Winter

During winter and colder months, it’s all about layers. A thermal base layer will keep you nice and warm and then you can pick a more stylish mid layer and jacket.

Puffer jackets, scarfs and woollen hats are great clothing options for winter walks.

You may want to wear some leggings under activewear walking trousers. Big woollen socks are also a great addition to the winter walking wardrobe.

Durable walking boots are also recommended. This will help avoid any rolled ankles on slippery terrain.

Women’s Walking Outfits for Summer

In summer, stylish activewear can help keep you looking fashionable and comfortable.

Stylish yoga pants/leggings can be suitable if its warm. You can also get short yoga pants that finish at the knee. You can wear shorts over the top of these if you like too.

Similarly, if its really warm, you can ditch the leggings or yoga pants altogether and just wear some shorts. Bare legs are more vulnerable to insect bites and scratches from plants, so if you do opt for shorts, long socks could be good complementing piece of clothing.

For the upper body, you can wear an active t-shirt (ideally that will wick away moisture to avoid the sweat building up). This means ideally avoid cotton. Opt for lightweight, breathable t-shirts.

Sunglasses and a cap will also help finish off the look and keep you protected from the sun.

Men’s Walking and Hiking Stylish Clothing

Men’s Walking Outfits for Winter

In winter, a good thermal layer such as a fleece or bodywarmer is a great option for men looking to stay warm and stylish.

A woolly hat and some gloves are ideal for keeping warm in colder conditions.

Thermal pants to put under any walking trousers are also a good option. These won’t be visible, so you don’t need to worry about what they look like.

Men’s Walking Outfits for Summer

In summer, men can opt for lightweight breathable t-shirts and shorts. Materials that “wick” away moisture will help remove sweat.

Vests are another option but be careful about sunburn on your shoulders. Particularly if you’re wearing a rucksack, the straps can remove sun cream and expose your shoulders to UV rays for the whole walk.

Lightweight walking shoes or trainers are also ideal for summer. Breathable fabrics and materials will help keep your feet cooler.

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