Recording Workouts

Recording workouts is easy. Simply follow our 5 step process below.

Everything is recorded in the mobile app, making it simple to record and track your workouts and progress. This will also automatically track your personal bests.

step 1

On the homepage of the app, you’ll find “Things To Do Today” at the top.

Directly under this heading, you’ve find the workout scheduled in for the day. In the screenshot below, this is “Day 4 – Muscles Recovery.

Click on the scheduled workout.


step 2

Once you click on the scheduled workout, it will bring up a description of today’s exercise routine as well as video demonstrations of all the different movements.

Click the “Start Now” button at the bottom or “Mark As Complete” in the top right hand corner.

step 3

You can fill in how many reps you did for each exercise, add extra sets, or even add new exercises.

If a certain exercise is really difficult for you, simply add in a different exercise by clicking “insert exercise“. This will still count towards your personal fitness challenge.

You may choose to record the workout as you’re doing it or fill in the details once you’ve finished.

Click “Save.


step 4

You’ve now finished your first workout!

Click on the semi circle to record how difficult the workout was for you. You can also add a comment.

Then click “Done.”

step 5

Congratulations – you’ve recorded your first workout.

You can share your success by clicking “share”in the top right hand corner of the screen (e.g. to Facebook or Instagram) or return home by clicking the cross in the top left hand corner.