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Start making fitness easier!

Enjoy amazing features, including; guided daily exercise routines, real medals for completing the challenge, award winning app to track and monitor your progress (sync with wearable devices too) and even benefit from having your very own fitness coach to provide personalised recommendations and support (Champion and Annual plans).

4 weeks of functional exercise routines to support lifelong fitness...

challenge accepted!

step 1 - sign up online

Getting started is easy. Simply sign up online. You can sign up at any time during the month – as soon as you do sign up, your online fitness challenge starts.

step 2 - create account and download app

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get an invitation to download our app and set up your account. Your fitness challenge awaits you in the app. You’ll have unlimited access to the app until you cancel. Challenges run for 4 weeks.

step 3 - follow the workouts each day

To complete your online fitness challenge, all you need to do is complete at least 80% of the scheduled workouts during the 4 weeks. To keep you motivated, each month we completely change up the exercises and workouts so it’s new and engaging. All workouts are recorded in the app (track your own personal bests and set your own targets).

Enjoy the free resources, supportive online community and your very own coach to motivate and guide you through the challenge. The app also includes a whole host of other features too.

step 4 - get your medal

If you managed to complete over 80% of the workouts during the 4 weeks, you win a limited edition medal as a reward. We will send these out in the post asap on completion. There are also added rewards and prizes for future challenges you participate in.

step 5 - start the next challenge

Hang your medal up, pat yourself on your back and get back to business. It’s time to complete the next series of daily exercise routines.  

get started
  • fitness challenges you can do at home
  • customised to every fitness level​
  • daily exercise routines that improve strength, balance and flexibility​
  • record performance and track progress in app​
  • sync with wearable devices​
  • private members group​
  • free resources (e-books) each month​
  • supportive online community​
  • win unique medals if you complete the 4 week challenge. Medals sent in the post after completion.​
  • extra in-app rewards the more challenges you do​
  • 1-2-1 messaging with your very own online coach to help guide and motivate you throughout the ​

common questions...

An online (or “virtual”) fitness challenge is a great way to add motivation and accountability to your fitness routine. Enjoy the benefit of exercising in your own time with clear goals and targets to keep you on track. Here at fitness drum, we reward you with real medals for anyone who completes the online fitness challenge. 

Online fitness coaching is done completely virtually. Via our app, you can message your dedicated fitness coach to help you during the month. From asking questions to simply having someone there to share your success (or support you during the tough times), online coaching is a fantastic way to enhance your fitness journey. 

You can start a challenge at any time during the month. Your personal challenge will begin as soon as you sign up. We change up the daily exercise routines every 4 weeks to keep it fresh and engaging. This also allows us to introduce you to different movements and skills, so you can really test and develop your strength, balance, flexibility and overall fitness. 

The plans are set to auto-renew. This means the Challenger and Champion plans renew every 4 weeks, while the Annual plan renews every year. We set it to auto-renew as this means you don’t need to worry about the hassle of signing up again – everything is continuous and you’re ready to smash another challenge as soon as one ends. You can cancel at any time and it will stop auto-renewing. 

If you cancel, all the information you entered into the app will be lost. This means if you were recording personal bests and communicating with your coach, you won’t have access to this anymore. By cancelling you won’t have access to the app or any features from the plans. 

All exercise routines and evidence are tracked and recorded in the app. You don’t need to do anything. We’ll take care of everything and let you know when your medal will arrive. 

Everything is exactly the same for our overseas customers, the only difference is an extra £5 for the delivery of the medal. This simply covers the costs of delivering overseas. Medals may take slightly longer to arrive depending on what country you live in but we will do our best to get them to you as fast as possible.

The Champion and Annual plans include access to online fitness coaches. Our coaches can only support and care for a certain amount of customers. We never want to compromise the service to you by having coaches who are in charge of too many customers. This means we have to limit the amount of customers to ensure we provide the best possible service we can.