8 Healthy Snacks for Walking, Hiking and Outdoor Adventures

If you’re heading out on a long walk or hike, having emergency snacks with you will give you that needed energy boost.

But not all snacks are created equal when it comes to hiking and long distance walking.

The perfect snack should be healthy, full of energy, and easy to eat on the move.

We’ve put together our top 8 hiking and walking snacks, perfect for any adventure. We’ve also included some Instagram inspiration to really highlight what good snacks can look like.

*Warning – this blog is likely to make you want a snack!*

Healthy Walking Snacks


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Nuts deserve a spot in every hiker’s backpack. They are high protein, low sugar and pack a punch when it comes to giving a quick energy burst.

Nuts also contain “good fats” that will make you feel full but won’t make you feel lethargic.

Due to the lower sugar content compared to other snacks, you also don’t risk the lull that can follow a sugary snack.

There are lots of types of nuts and the nutritional benefits (and taste) with vary depending on which nuts you select.

Cashews, almonds, peanuts – the choice is yours. Go nuts!

Protein Bar

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Protein bars can be a little pricer than snacks like nuts, but they are often designed for specific purposes, e.g. building muscle, recovery, or energy. This means you can select a bar that is tailored to whatever type of adventure you are embarking on.

Protein bars often last quite a long time too, so you can stock up for the adventures ahead and not worry about going shopping for snacks the day before any hike or walk.

You can also make your own protein bars. This really gives you a wide range of options and flavours to go after. You can buy some protein powder (including vegan protein) and just add this to other ingredients to get your perfect, personalised protein bar.

Trial Mix

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Trial mix is synonymous with outdoor adventures like hiking, camping and kayaking. A little bag of trial mix will keep you going.

You can make your own trial mix or buy ready made bags or bars.


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Muesli can be added to nuts and fruit to create the ideal little snack.

Again, you can make your own muesli snacks, depending on your own preferences. You can add fruit, nuts, whatever you like.

Canned Fish

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So far, a lot of the ideas have been pretty classic hiking snacks that come as no surprise.

Canned fish might be considered a little more unusual but is a really good option for those very long walks. Getting some much needed protein can make all the difference to fuel your muscles.

Canned fish makes for a nice little snack that can be enjoyed without any preparation or stopping for a longer break.


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Fruit is another great option for walkers and hikers.

Bananas, apples, and oranges can deliver a tasty snack to enjoy on the move.

Make sure you carefully pack any fruit you bring. Unlike other snacks on this list, if you have some fruit at the bottom of your bag, under lots of other items, it may not be very appetizing when you want to eat it.

Believe it or not, you can actually buy banana-shaped boxes to keep them from getting squashed in your bag. If you don’t like a bruised banana, it could be a worthwhile investment. Similarly, if you bring a lunch box with you, you can place any fruit in there to keep them fresh and unsquashed.

Oat Bars

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Oats are a fantastic addition to your daily routine. A bowl of porridge will give you plenty of energy.

Stirring up a bowl of tasty porridge may be easier said than done if you’re on a walk, so using oats in a cereal bar instead is usually the better way to go.

Oat bars can be bought or made at home, so the choice is yours. Again, you can add protein powder or other supplements to the bars to create a very personalised snack.

Energy Gels

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For those very intense walks or hikes, energy gels offer a quick hit of energy and nutrients.

Energy gels will vary from brand to brand in terms of sugar content and how much energy they provide, but generally, they can be really effective for long distance athletes, walkers, runners and cyclists.