Healthy Recipes for Over 50’s

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Healthy Eating for Over 50’s

As we age our metabolism starts to decline, so choosing healthy eating options becomes increasingly important. The foods we consume play a vital role in our overall health, appearance, mood and energy levels. Our diet can also influence our chances of developing certain conditions such as type II diabetes and high cholesterol, so it is certainly something we should be mindful of.

A healthy diet goes a long way and can be the catalyst to enjoying your later years by feeling more confident and empowered in your body.

What’s more, eating healthy doesn’t need to be boring or tasteless. Connotations of plain salads and raw vegetables doesn’t have to be what healthy eating is about. Your meals can be exciting, tasty and packed with flavour.

A journey into healthy recipes over 50 may also spark a newfound love for food and inspire travel to experience new and exciting foods from all around the world.

Your diet may not need a drastic change, but it’s useful to be aware of some things which may help support a healthier overall body. It’s not about completely overhauling everything you eat and starting a revolution in your kitchen. Instead, it is simply about being more aware and mindful of what you are consuming and ensuring you are ticking the boxes in terms of a healthy, balanced diet.

If you are thinking about starting a new diet, consult your local GP or dietitian for personal recommendations.

Whatever diet or recipes you like, there are a few things everyone should think about. We’ve outlined our big 3 below:

Healthy Bones

An unfortunate reality of ageing is that we lose bone density. This means ensuring we have enough calcium, phosphorous and Vitamin D in our diet will help to support our bones as we age.

Strong bones play a defining role in our overall health and ability to move with ease and joy. Strong bones will allow you to participate in exercise and physical activities easier and help reduce your risk of nasty injuries related to broken bones.

We often think about milk and dairy when we talk about bone health and calcium, but there are lots of foods that pack a punch when it comes to calcium levels and bone strengthening goodness. Broccoli, kale and other leafy greens have lots of calcium (as well as lots of other nutrients) and are ideal for adding into salads and meal times. These foods make it easy to increase your calcium intake without consuming dairy if you’re lactose intolerant or following a vegan diet.

Whatever diet you follow, by ensuring you get the right nutrients for healthy bones is a good starting points.

Muscle Building Foods

When we talk about building muscle here at fitness drum, we aren’t talking about bodybuilding and bulky physiques. For us, building muscle and strength is vital for everyone, especially over 50’s. It’s less about bulging biceps and more about developing functional fitness that supports our daily lives and ambitions.

Protein is the building block for muscle growth and something that is a must for any healthy diet.

Having enough protein will ensure your body has the necessary components to develop and nurture muscle growth. Combined with simple weight training exercises or a strength program, consuming plenty of protein is a match made in heaven when it comes to healthy ageing and lifelong fitness.

Protein comes in many shapes and forms so don’t necessarily think you need to increase your meat consumption. Nuts, pulses, and beans are all great natural sources of protein too.


When it comes to eating healthy over 50, sometimes it is the simplest of things that can have the biggest impacts. Ensuring you are drinking enough water and always hydrated should be a priority for everyone.

Not consuming enough water is not only dangerous, but at the very least, means your body is not able to perform at a high level.

If you struggle with drinking enough, you can buy water bottles or use apps that help provide reminders to drink throughout the day.

Healthy Foods to Include in Recipes

A balanced diet is often the best approach when it comes to healthy eating for over 50’s and 60’s. But even with a balanced diet, there are certain foods that are worth taking special note of.

These foods aren’t necessarily trendy, or fashionable – but they deliver outstanding health benefits and are easy to integrate into healthy meal ideas.

  • Nuts
  • Leafy Greens
  • Lean Meat
  • Oily Fish
  • Oats
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Foods to Avoid Over 50

A poor diet is not only bad for our physical health, but it can also negatively impact our mood, energy and mental health.

Junk food and highly processed meals (which often have high salt and sugar contents) are worth avoiding if you’re trying to follow a healthy diet over 50.

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