WHO’s Decade of Healthy Ageing and Our Mission

The World Health Organisation – WHO – declared 2020-2030 as the decade of healthy ageing.

The aim is to bring together governments, international agencies, academics, the media and professionals to help and collaborate on initiatives that can improve the lives of older people, their families and commuities as a whole.

Here at Fitness Drum, we are wholeheartedly behind the WHO’s decade of healthy ageing and we hope it sparks new ways of thinking about how we age, both individually and as a society.

We want to make fitness as easy and sustainable as possible regardless of age. Our mission is to help people like you enjoy better movement so you can feel empowered to seek adventure and keep doing the things you love to do. We’re here to champion for healthy ageing and lifelong fitness.

Our approach to fitness is focused on the little things we can do each and every day that will have a big impact in the long run. Little and often. It’s as simple as that. Our daily workouts aren’t complex or overwhelming – instead they make it inclusive and easy for everyone to stay on top of their fitness.

A Membership for Healthy Ageing

We recently decided to take action and really think about how we can make a difference… and that’s why we are excited to announce our brand new membership for healthy ageing that is completely FREE!

All you need to do is sign up online and start following along to daily workouts. Each day includes a new workout, designed to introduce you to a variety of styles and classes. From tai chi and pilates to bodyweight circuit training and low impact workouts, we hope this keeps exercise fun and engaging.

Our methodology is focused on 3 core elements: improving strength, balance and flexibility. We believe by improving these 3 core elements, it helps support functional movement and healthy ageing.

By signing up you’ll have your very own account so you can track your own workouts. We’re currently in the process of building out a rewards system to help give you a motivating boost. Every workout you complete will unlock new points. You can also install the website as an app on your phone for quick access and a faster experience.


Get Involved

This is a passion project and something we want to do to help people feel empowered in their bodies so they can live their best lives. We don’t have a big marketing budget and rely very much on word of mouth and referrals. If you know anyone who you think would also benefit from daily workouts, please encourage them to sign up. It means the world to us and helps us reach more people.

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