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Veganism and it’s Secret Weapon

Can being vegan actually be a secret weapon for success in the gym or during sport? Well, after reading this you may just think about adopting this diet

Now, before we go any further, this is not to do with any nutritional implications of a vegan diet. Instead, the secret weapon may be so secret that vegans themselves don’t even realise it!

Anyone wanting to live a fit and healthy lifestyle knows protein is very important. But is our focus on animal protein somewhat misleading? Veganism is becoming increasingly popular and with examples like Barny du Plessis, there may be good reason. How does Barny get so strong on a Barny du Plessis

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In 2014, Barny du Plessis made his third attempt at the legendary Mr Universe amateur category. He was 40 – and he took home the title. This is an unbelievable achievement and something anyone who enjoys bodybuilding knows just want a commitment it requires. After winning the title Barny decided to go vegan and adopt a slightly less intense training strategy. But ironically, he found himself in better shape than ever. Does veganism really have that much of a positive impact on health and fitness?

Barny claims that his meat-free diet gave him more energy and endurance in the gym than ever before.

The trend that does become apparent with all vegan athletes is their acknowledgement and commitment to their diets and beliefs. This opens the door to a new weapon – a motivation to prove their diets work. And it’s this motivation that could make all the difference when you’re thinking about going home and your competitor is still training hard. Or when you’re thinking about having a cheat meal, and your competitor is staying disciplined. Is this the secret weapon of the vegan athlete? 

The Vegan Factor

Anyone with a keen interest in bodybuilding, fitness, exercise or sport will know how important their diet is. It becomes a part of who you are. The difference between vegans and non-vegans usually comes down to the difference in their passion and beliefs associated with diet and food. This underlying motivation about their diets will catalyse and inspire their training.

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Barny Du Plessis isn’t an exception, other vegans have also had great success through sport and fitness. Patrik Baboumian holds the log lift record as well as holding the title Germany’s strongest Man. The strength and muscle mass needed to achieve such accolades demonstrates the physical ability of being able to compete on a vegan diet. Venus Williams is another great example of someone who has a strong belief in her diet and has been at the top of women’s tennis for an extensive period of time.

There are many things that motivate us all but our beliefs will always be a prominent motivational factor.

Veganism won’t be for everyone but those who do adopt this lifestyle can certainly have a healthy diet and often feel healthier. From a non-nutritional view, this diet seems to also offer unrivalled motivation and passion that you simply don’t see with other diets.vegan athletes vegan fitness

Diet goes hand in hand with personal training and getting fit. The key thing to understand is that the diets that truly work for people are the ones they can get passionate about. 

So whatever diet is right for you, if you can get as passionate about it as a vegan does, then you too may receive the secret benefits of the vegan athlete! Who knows, maybe you’ll end up looking like Barny!



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