3 Day Flexibility Challenge for Sore Muscles and Joints

If you’re looking to improve your flexibility, what better way to get started than with a challenge!

Flexibility is so important, particularly as we age. Actively doing stretches, yoga and other flexibility training will ensure you don’t feel limited by poor flexibility.

This challenge can be completed in isolation or alongside your regular fitness routines. As discussed in our recent blog about flexibility for over 50s, living an active life and continuing to play sport or exercise will help combat common causes of poor flexibility.

Flexibility should be seen as important as strength training and weight loss for overall fitness. It will allow you to train harder and reduce stress and pain in joints and muscles. Stiff, inflexible muscles aren’t likely to contribute to a great workout, so prioritising flexibility will help you get more out of your training and exercising.

3 Day Flexibility Challenge

This challenge is designed by Kelly from Fitness Blender and is our favourite way to kickstart a journey to flexibility. We’ve completed this challenge numerous times and it always leaves us feeling revitalised and well on our way to feeling supple and flexible.

Sometimes life can get in the way and exercise takes a backseat – in these instances flexibility can decline quickly and before we know it, we’re wondering what happened.

Day 1 – Flexibility for Beginners

The first day provides a great general introduction into stretching and flexibility exercises. It doesn’t require any personal training equipment so you can get started at home.

It’s low impact and will target the whole body.

Day 2 – Range of Motion

Day 2 is focused on exercises that will improve range of motion. This is ideal for anyone wanting to improve performance in the gym, at sports, or for a hobby.

These exercises are common Yoga and Pilates positions, helping strengthen the core and back while increasing overall range of motion.

Day 3 – Static Stretches

The final day concludes the flexibility challenge with some static stretches, designed to really improve overall flexibility.

Follow along and see how you get on.