8 Week Transformation

Get stronger, lose weight and enjoy better movement with our flagship training program.

Recently adapted for at-home training, this is perfect for working out at home with no access to a gym/equipment. Designed specifically for over 50’s, this online training includes everything you need to feel stronger, fitter and more empowered in your body. 

Feel physical freedom for less than £1 a day! Limited spots available.

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Exclusive new feature - Gain access to your very own coach to support you throughout the program. Instant messaging via the app.

what's included in the
8 week transformation program?

step by step guidance

Day by day, we’ve mapped out everything you need to do for the next 8 weeks in this innovative training program. 

Every exercise and workout includes video demonstrations and explanations. 

We’ve also included tips and advice throughout the program to help you get the most out of it. What’s more, gain access to your very own coach to help support and motivate you through the program. It’s like having a fitness coach in your pocket!

After the 8 weeks, the world is your oyster so make the most out of better strength, balance and flexibility in everything you do. 

Prioritise your fitness today and benefit for years to come.

1-2-1 messaging with your coach

Get unlimited support and guidance from your very own online coach. 

This is a brand new feature and something no other online training offers within this price range.

Leverage the knowledge, support and accountability that comes with a dedicated coach. 

Get through the tough times as a team and celebrate the wins together – fitness is easier with someone there to help.

8 weeks of exercises, movements and advice

This isn’t some generic fitness program – every day has been carefully thought out and every exercise included to help improve fitness over 50. With a focus on improving strength, balance and flexibility in just 8 weeks, this is the ultimate program for anyone over 50 looking to feel fitter in daily life. Each week introduces new exercises, concepts and skills to practice.

week 1 – movement fundamentals

week 2 – functional fitness

week 3 – primal strength training

week 4 – the art of balance training

week 5 – flexibility and mobility

week 6 – skills and compound movements

week 7 – total body conditioning

week 8 – revisiting movement fundamentals

feel empowered by your body




"the support has been amazing. It's helped provide a structure for my exercise routine."
Mary Miller
Brooklyn, USA

the little things...

Sometimes it’s the simplest of movements or exercises that can be most effective. 

We’re not here to introduce you to crazy workouts or unproven fads – instead, each exercise is proven to help support strength, balance or flexibility. 

By consistently practising these movements and exercises, in a structured environment, you give yourself a fantastic opportunity to see big improvements in a short period.

In an easy-to-use app, with video demonstrations and guidance, getting fit has never been so easy.

from beginners to fitness fanatics...

unlock new opportunities with better movement

Whether you’re a complete newbie and never exercised in your life or you’re a fitness fanatic, this program develops the core skills and movements required for lifelong fitness. We can all benefit from the joys of better movement and the opportunities this presents us – from healthy ageing to seeking adventure without limits. 

This program takes a practical view to fitness over 50 and by following along you will be well on your way to physical freedom.

You will begin by learning and practising fundamental movements before incorporating these into effective daily workouts. Each week will introduce new exercises and skills. Finally, we will take this further and practice more advanced movements to take your strength, balance and flexibility to new heights. Within 8 weeks you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come. 

Although the goal is improving our functional fitness, this is also a fantastic way to lose weight and tone up as well. 


Order today and enjoy the following bonus resources:

Free Affirmation Video – “Healthy Ageing Affirmations and Inspiration” (MP4)

Free Workout Planner – Printable Workout Calendar (Printable PDF)

Free Habits Planner – Daily Healthy Habits Planner (Printable PDF)

simple. honest. transparent.

Our aim here at fitness drum is simply to help you feel fitter so you can keep living life to the fullest. We don’t believe in trendy diets or the latest supplement craze – all we know is that by practising specific movements, eating well and having accountability, anyone can improve their fitness. 

We put all our energy into creating fitness training and coaching that helps promote lifelong adventure for over 50’s looking to stay fit and active. 

Learn more about our mission.


Our 8 week transformation program is specifically designed to help improve fitness for over 50’s. Each day has routines mapped out that help develop functional strength, balance and flexibility. Unlike the free version of the app, this premium program also includes unlimited messaging with a real coach – there to support you on your personal journey. 

The 8 week transformation program is currently priced at £49 as a one-off payment. This gives you access to the premium features and content for 10 weeks (8 week program + 2 additional weeks in case you missed any days or want to revisit any routines again).  

We offer a 14 day free money-back guarantee. 

No. You can follow the program at home with mimimal/no equipment. Exercises have been tailored to maximise body-weight training. 

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