Fitbod Promo Code – Use “DRUM25” for 25% Off Your Elite Membership

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We’re incredibly excited to give our readers a 25% discount on Fitbod’s Elite Membership plan. This works on both Android and Apple, as well as on the monthly and annual memberships.

Forget browsing coupon code websites for hours, sifting through unverified codes that have expired or simply don’t work, and instead, enjoy our promo code of DRUM25 to get the best discount currently available online for the app.

What is Fitbod Elite Membership?

The Fitbod Elite Membership grants you unlimited access and use of the Fitbod app. You will need to purchase the Elite Membership to use Fitbod. You can read our review of Fitbod to learn more about this popular workout app here.

How Much Does Fitbod Cost?

Fitbod costs $6.67/month if billed annually, or $12.99/month if billed monthly. With the DRUM25 promo code, this means you’ll only pay $5/month if billed annually, or $9.74/month if billed monthly.

How to Reedem Fitbod Coupon Code

Reedeming a coupon discount code at Fitbod is easy. There are two ways:

How to Get a Discount at Fitbod

We’ve partnered with Fitbod to provide our readers with the exclusive DRUM25 code. This promo code can be used by any new customers of Fitbod.

Is Fitbod Free?

Fitbod offers a free trial, so you can try before you buy. This gives you access to 3 customized workouts on the app. Once you have completed these 3 workouts, you’ll need to pay for an Elite Membership to use the app.