Feeling Out of Shape in Your 50’s? Try These Simple Exercises

Getting fit after 50 is really important for lifelong wellbeing.

Feeling fit over 50 will help enable you to do more things and enjoy your later years. From adventurous travel to simply playing with the grandkids, having a good fundamental level of fitness will empower you to live life to the fullest.

But sometimes, we reach 50 and find ourselves slightly out of shape. Whatever the reasons, it doesn’t matter, what matters is your commitment and dedication to getting back in shape.

So, how can you get back in shape after 50?

We’ve outlined some top exercises below along with a great beginner friendly workout you can follow along with at home.

Best Exercises for Over 50’s Looking to Get Back in Shape


Burpees are a fantastic full body workout. They are beginner friendly and don’t require any equipment.

You can do them at home, in the gym, on holiday – wherever you can find a bit of space.

It combines cardio and strength training, helping build muscle and lose weight. They aren’t to be underestimated though, a few burpees will no doubt get you out of breath!

To do a burpee, stand upright with your legs shoulder width apart. Jump up into the air as high as you can. On returning to the ground, bend down and adopt a push-up position. Perform a push up and launch yourself back onto your feet to jump into the air again.

Push Ups

If you’ve done a few burpees, then you’ll become very familiar with the push-up exercise.

Push ups target the chest, shoulders, back and arms (as well as engaging your core to stabilise the movement).

Push-ups should be performed slowly and in a controlled manner.

To make things easier, put your knees on the floor to reduce the amount of weight you are lifting.

Bench Press

The bench press is a really effective strength training exercise for over 50s.

The good thing with the bench press is you can start light and slowly increase the amount of weight you’re lifting. This makes it perfect for those who are perhaps out of shape or not used to lifting weights.

Lay on a bench and hold a barbell roughly shoulder width apart. Lower the bar to your chest slowly and push it back up.

Shoulder Press

The shoulder press is a really good exercise not only for building strength and helping ease you back into the world of fitness, but for developing practical, functional fitness.

The movement of the shoulder press is a movement that is really useful to have for everyday life. Being able to lift and support a weighted item over your head, could make a meaningful impact on your life. Gardening, sports, cleaning, are all examples when being able to lift something would be really useful.

This is a big part of what we preach here at Fitness Drum – fitness that is empowering.

Similar to the bench press, you can start really light and slowly increase the weight or repetitions.

Stand upright with your legs shoulder width apart. Lift a barbell over your head and back down to rest on your upper chest. Repeat this movement.

Hula Hoop

Hula hoop exercises are a great way to get back into exercise and fitness. It’s something you can do at home and you don’t need to worry about form or whether you’re doing the movement correctly.

Hula hooping will get you active, helping burn calories but also helps develop better balance and coordination – 2 vital skills worth perfecting to support lifelong fitness.

Tricep Dips

If you’re looking to arm fat, tricep exercises are your secret weapon. In fact, tricep dips are on our recommended list of arm exercises for toned, defined arms.

Dips strengthen and tone your triceps as well as your chest and shoulders.

Hold the edge of a bench or chair and slowly lower yourself down. Push yourself back up and repeat.


The plank is a great exercise to develop core strength as well as balance and flexibility.

The plank offers lots of variations so it gives you lots of opportunity to give your abs a real workout.

Lay on the floor with your arms pushing your upper body up. Hold the position for the desired length of it.

You can do this on your side and lift each leg in the air too, adding extra difficulty to the movement.


Squats help strengthen your lower body and will give your legs the ultimate workout.

There are lots of variations, include pistol squats, hindu squats and Asian squats (all really good exercises for over 50’s).

To begin with those, just the regular squat is all you need to do. You can start with no weights and once you feel more confident, you can add weights.

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and squat down so your quads are at a 90 degree angle. Push yourself back to the starting position.

Workout for Over 50’s Feeling Out of Shape

The video below offers a great beginner friendly workout you can follow along with. This gives you more exercises and movements to try out to help you get back in shape.

How to Get Back in Shape After 50

The exercises listed above, as well as the video, highlight some really good exercises to get you started.

To get back into shape or for those wanting to get fitter at 50 who are perhaps overweight or out of shape, there are a few core fundamental principles to follow. These include:

Strength Training

Strength training needs to be a core aspect of your fitness regime over 50. Strength training can include all sorts of exercises like; lifting weights, CrossFit, bodyweight exercises, and calisthenics.

Doing strength training a few times a week is proven to support lifelong fitness for mature adults.


Improving your cardiovascular fitness will mean you feel fitter.

You won’t get out of breath so easily and you’ll have newfound energy.

Running, swimming, walking and most sports will offer lots of cardio benefits.


If you’re overweight and looking to get fit, your diet is equally as important as exercise.

Eat healthy meals and within moderation.

Flexibility and Balance

As we get older, we start to notice a decline in our flexibility and natural balance. These are really important for movement in general and staying active.

Flexibility and stretching exercises should become apart of daily routine.

Balance training is also something underrated but is well worth it. It’s actually a lot easier than strength training or cardio so its a great place to start.

Mental Wellbeing

Getting fit is a without doubt a game of mental toughness too.

You’ll have your ups and downs and times when you want to give up.

Fitness needs a holistic approach that appreciates rest and downtime. Take days off to recovery and days off to have some time to yourself.

Active Lifestyle

As well as exercise and diet, having an active lifestyle is a defining factor in getting back in shape. Try to go for walks or participate in sports. This will help you get fit without feeling like you need to go to the gym all the time.

Enjoy the great outdoors and enjoy the feeling of being active.

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