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How to Build Muscle with a Vegetarian Diet Plan

Lunch is a hard meal to get right. Finding vegetarian lunchtime meal ideas can be difficult. 

When you’re sat in an office all day or rushed off your feet, finding time for a delicious healthy meal is hard. It’s even harder if you’re vegetarian, vegan, or have dietary requirements.

Here’s what I came up with – a list of 10 meals anyone can make (trust me, if I can make it, so can you!) Many of them are meals in their own right; others are more like snacks that could be combined or supplemented with some fruit, nuts, or an energy bar to fill you up. The aim is to show you a few very easy meals that take a few minutes to prepare and will offer you a healthier and tastier lunch than normal.

Lunch seems to be a meal targeted to people who enjoy unhealthy foods. Snacks and fast food attract people who are busy and unable to invest their time in making something delicious and healthy. This doesn’t need to be the case anymore. So get ready to make all your colleagues, friends and family jealous with this list of ultimate vegetarian friendly healthy lunchtime meals, that’ll help build muscle and get lean.

10 Vegetarian Lunch Ideas

Veggie wrap

Wraps are perfect for lunch. You can change what you put it them every day and they are easy to make the night before. Some ideas for ingredients include: peppers, hummus, cucumbers, lettuce, olives, olive oil, lemon juice, chilli, and carrots in a whole-wheat wrap or pita. There are lots of options and you could easily create a different wrap each day of the week. Wraps also offer the advantage of being able to target them to your goals. Want to bulk up on a vegetarian diet? Get muscle building foods in your wrap! Want to lean up? Keep it light and low on calories. They are also easy to transport and stay fresh all day.


Beans are certainly a superfood for the vegetarian or vegan looking to gain muscle. Beans are packed full of readily absorbable protein. Beans are very versatile too so they can be used in a variety of ways. Bean burritos are a great option as an alternative to the wrap, but you could also add them to almost anything.

Bulk-up salad

We all think of salads as something you have when you’re trying to lose weight. The reality is, salads come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to think traditional with salads, forget a few leaves and tomatoes – we want to go big. As a general rule, find a healthy sized bowl and simply fill it with a variety of veg and protein sources. Brown rice is a personal favourite for bulking out any salad.


Peanut butter

Peanut butter offers your body plenty of protein and natural fats in a quick and easy fix. You can spread peanut butter on anything from bagels to toast or even bake it to make delicious little peanut butter biscuits.


Quesadillas are another simple alternative to the boring lunch time sandwich. Quesadillas are wheat tortilla or a corn tortilla filled with cheese, a savoury mixture, and/or vegetables, cooked and then folded in half to form a half-moon shape. Quesadilla don’t have to be traditional Mexican versions, instead experiment with other flavours. If you’re a vegan then replace the cheese with a spread like guacamole or hummus. You can also alternate how spicy it is or what kind of flavours you want to add.

Veggie burger

Making a veggie burger may sound like a lot of effort but it’s really a lot easier than it sounds. The best way to approach it is to make them at the weekend or on an evening. Make enough for a few days so you can simply serve it up throughout the week on various occasions.

Fruit Smoothie

There are so many great fruit smoothie recipes out there but I’d recommend just experimenting. Bananas are useful as they help stick everything together but test out other fruit and see what works for you.

bulking up smoothies

Lentil Soup

Lentil soup is a great option for getting lean. Soups generally keep you feeling fuller for longer thus reducing your calorie intake. Lentils are packed full of ready-to-absorb proteins. This makes lentil soup the perfect answer for anyone wanting to get leaner.


Homemade Pizza

We all fall victim to getting lazy and buying foods like pizzas but it’s really a lot healthier to just make them yourself. This way you can adapt them to your own specific health or dietary requirements. There’s no need to just copy the classic pizzas, try something different like butternut squash with goats cheese and spinach. 

Pasta and Pesto

A very quick and easy meal that is perfect for giving you a boost of energy. You can easily add extra veg to this dish to give it more of a nutritious benefit too. 

So there you have it – 10 very simple foods that you can add to your lunch to make them healthy and tasty.

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