Coffee is packed full of benefits and can offer athletes and those trying to keep fit a great advantage. So what kind of benefits does coffee provide?


Coffee is packed with lots of antioxidants. These antioxidants are vital for a healthy immune system. The great thing about antioxidants in coffee is that they appear to be much more readily absorbed by the body than those found in other foods and drinks.
So if you need a quick boost of antioxidants, look no further than your morning coffee!




Coffee helps you stay focused. This is vital for those who want to perform exercise and sport at a high level. Being focused is likely to lead to better performance and overall motivation for exercise and fitness. If that’s not enough, coffee is also linked to increasing adrenaline. This adrenaline helps you prepare for any type of physical activity and is shown to improve performance by up to 15%.

This is particularly useful for long distance sports and activities, such as cycling or running.

Burns Fat

Coffee is proven to help burn fat. This is particularly useful for those trying to shed some pounds. This makes it a great addition to any balanced diet.

What Type of Coffee is Best?

Coffee can be broadly split between instant or ground coffee beans. Although you do get health benefits from instant, using ground coffee beans will provide you with optimum health benefits.

When choosing coffee, look for Arabica beans as these are of the higher quality (as opposed to robusta).
If you’re looking for a bargain, most coffee roasters will provide wholesale deals when buying coffee in bulk. Although you won’t need the same amount of coffee as a café, its always worth double checking that you can’t get a good deal by going to these roasters directly.

For example, in the UK, one of the leadings coffee roasters is North Star Coffee and their wholesale roasted speciality coffee is worth looking into. This saves you buying from shops every week. Similarly, coffee subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular, which deliver coffee directly to your door every week.

In the US, check out for resources and lists of coffee roasters.

Coffee Equipment for Athletes

So now you know about the advantages of drinking coffee for staying healthy and know where to find the best coffee, you just need to get the right gear to drink your coffee. Aeropress is a great option as it means you can enjoy good quality coffee on the go.

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